Started by zoony, May 18, 2019, 14:09:49 pm

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The Letter R

Yes the Rush connection aside Toronto is a fantastic city. You could easily book your own thing to suit your budget and probably get a better deal booking hotels and flights outside of a package deal.
I visited the Orbit bar a few times while I was out there - it's small and has bands that play some nights. There is no actual indication of the Alex/Rush ownership in the bar or at least there wasn't when I was there. A nice guy called Tim Notter (?) ran the bar for him when I was there.
If you can get to Lakeside Park I would do - really nice area, I think there is a Rush Mural in Toronto somewhere now too.
Unfortunately Sams Record Store on Yonge Street is long since closed - that used to have a few Rush bits on display - famous for it's appearance in the Subdivisions video and Sam the owner was always a bit champion of the band.
There is an old post somewhere linking where all the Rush spots are.