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Started by The Letter R, July 12, 2018, 14:19:07 pm

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The Letter R

Just wondered what music streaming service people use or recommend - plus and minuses of the various choices etc.....

I have dabbled with Spotify Free for a bit but have signed up ( 1 month free ) to Deezer - standard package £9.99 month, they seem ( from what I can work out ) have access to something like 54m tracks which is more than the others and they also seem to have some live exclusive shows - Blues Pills and Metallica at the House of Vans London being 2 that piqued my interest.
Pretty much every band I have searched for has come up except for a couple of really obscure ones. Even got the APF Record Label Trevors Head Soma Holiday album on there. Be interested to know from the label/artists point of view which service offers the best return for them too if anyone has any insight?