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Started by Stewart, July 22, 2002, 05:07:15 am

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Any of you lot got/listen to/like I Mother Earth? NOT to be confused with the UK Jazz fusion band "Mother Earth"...

I first got in them when I heard that Lerxst had played on a track on their Scenary and Fish album... Surprisingly when it came out around the time of t4e I actually made the IME album my album of that year, AWESOME Stuff...

Face track is "One More Astronaut"


I have that album, but haven't played it for ages.
Thanks for reminding me. I'll spin it sometime soon.
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Chris Quartly

On someone's recommendation ( ;) ) I bought Scenary and Fish and quite like it. Though I can't figure out what song Lerxst plays on.

I first heard of IME through Victor, but never followed them up until Stew started talking about them.
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Lerxst plays on "Like a Girl" track 2.

I think they're an excellent band, although their last record "Blue Green Orange" wasn't THAT well recieved...

Their new one is finished and is out soon, a song from it (Juicy) is part of the soundtrack for the Vin Diesil flick xXx