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Started by Topper, January 10, 2008, 20:39:31 pm

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rufus the dawg

Anyone play boardgames?

Ticket to Ride nordic countries and Junk art were played over crimble tide.

Ticket to ride is seriously addictive and Junk art is Jenga on acid
Bond, Rufus, Dash and Blaize.


I never quite "got" Escape from Colditz. The rules didn't quite seem to be coherent. But I haven't played it since 1975 or so.

I quite liked Cluedo but haven't played that since the '70s, either. Loved Monopoly but haven't played it for years now. I remember playing against my ultra-competitive Chinese girlfriend in Hong Kong around the turn of the century, that may well have been the last time I skillfully navigated my Top Hat around Park Lane, Fenchurch St Station and the rest.
I have a fondness for jigsaw puzzles that I indulge over the Christmas hols. The online ones are quite diverting but not quite the same - the pieces are always the right way up, for one thing.
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Must get around to playing Risk soon.  There never seems to be time.

Played one game of cluedo recently with the kids.  Enjoyed it. 
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rufus the dawg

Board games are wonderful in the winter. Sunday afternoons with the family.

Check out carcasonne

Ticket to ride and its brothers and sisters.
Bond, Rufus, Dash and Blaize.