Rush Pilgrimage 2016

Started by shabba2112, July 28, 2016, 15:47:21 pm

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Hi Folks,

I am what you guys refer to as a Newbie. I only found TNMS by accident today.  I was hoping someone may be able to offer me a bit of help.  I have been a huge fan since I bought AFTK back in the seventies as an impressionable thirteen year old. I have followed their various musical phases ever since and like everyone else am waiting to hear if there will be a final chapter.

This October my wife (a massive Carly Simon fan and even bigger Rush hater) and I are coming to Toronto for a five day visit.  Obviously as part of this I would like to see the some of the sights connected with the Guys.

The "landmarks" On my list so far are Lakeside Park, Massey Hall, the new Lee/Lifeson Art Park in Willowdale (assuming it's open by then), The Legislative Building and the Vanier School.  I was wondering if anyone had any others.  Time is precious, and certainly the Wife will be filing for divorce if I spend five whole days on Rush themed locations, therefore I am more interested in the bigger stuff as opposed to "gee Geddy once blew a booger into a handkerchief and dropped it in this trash can"

I read there is an Apple app which shows locations, however there is not an Android equivalent so I am screwed.  I also see on-line talk of something called "a Rush fan's guide to Toronto" dating back to 2004 but all the links are dead.

Thanks in advance for your help.  Rock On


Danforth & Pape. It's actually just a road junction but it's possible to get a photo with the two road signs in it. Conveniently, it's just outside a subway station (Pape).


One that never seems to get the prominence it deserves is the studio, Toronto Sound, where the first albums were recorded. Why not visit the Cradle of Caress of Steel, the Birthplace of Bastille Day? The Origin of Oracle:The Dream; the Singularity of Something For Nothing (etc)

The Letter R

The Orbit Room - was part owned by Alex - assume it still is - if nothing else you can grab a beer there without letting on to the wife why you picked that bar  ;D - there was no sign of the Rush connection when I was there.

Sadly I think Sams Record Store on Younge Street has closed down but you could also check out the Anthem Offices - think they may let you into the foyer to look at discs on the wall - never been there myself.

Most of all enjoy - it's a great city.


If you pm me your e-mail address, I can send you the "Rush fan's guide to Toronto".  I've got it saved on my laptop (from 2002 so may have been updated since then). 
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