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Started by zoony, July 07, 2017, 14:41:36 pm

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As there is only me, Wendy and our 12 year old daughter Alicia who go away now, we only go down to Devon for 4 or 5 days. Alicia has now decided that she wants to go abroad next year, probably at Whitsun. As I have no experience of booking up anything like this, I'm looking for suggestions of where to go, what type of holiday, who with etc. HELP!


You might find it a little restrictive if youre trying to book a package holiday involving flights and hotels if youre only going for 4 or 5 days Rob....Its not impossible but most package holidays can be quite limiting in flight days, times and airports...depending on your destination...the hotels mostly seem to encourage (reward) you for booking 7 or more days...generally speaking, the longer you book the better value you get...but the main factor is obviously down to the time of year and the peak (school holiday) period is always more expensive. Having said that you might get lucky and find some decent mini break deals. The more flexible you are on dates the more chance you have of getting a better deal. Same goes for flight times

If you are thinking of booking a holiday within the well trodden Eurozone destinations then you won't get a very good exchange rate but you are less likely to have communication problems as the chances are that most of the locals you deal with will speak at least some English and the more familiar you are likely to find the food and drink.

You need to work out what it is you want out of the holiday; do you want reliable hot sunny weather, quiet, clean, well reviewed resort, with aircon, sea view, balcony, wifi, bars, restaurants, familiar food (guessing thats quite a big thing for you), close to a beach etc?
Will you need a car to explore? Will you want to do excursions...some hotels offer these as an extra...some Travel agents also offer them as an optional extra that you can pre-book....sometimes there will be a Rep at the hotel to book with and speak to.
Try and pick a destination with minimal transfers from airport to hotel if possible...if not pick one with transfers included in the price.

If you're not bothered about a car or a lot of sight seeing my suggestion would be to find a hotel with its on beach or within walking distance that has a good rep for familiar food and go half board. Self catering is cheaper and gives you more flexibility but unless its part of a complex with its own minimarket you might find it difficult to source food locally without a car...and you might find that the minmarket is expensive and limited and runs out of milk and bread.
Don't skimp on insurance and book it seperately, especially if you hire a car! Buy a cheap, seperate policy (in the UK before you go) that covers your excess on your car hire.
Don't forget you will driving on the 'wrong side' of the road.

Avoid touching the mini bar fridge! Its mega expensive! Depending on the hotel, some of them have sensors and record when items are removed and you will be charged for them, even if you replace them.
Take plenty of anti diarrhea tablets, painkillers, insect repellant, anti-histamine,suntan lotion, hats, travel adaptors.
Make sure you can use your phones and check if you have the same data useage allowance in the country you visit.
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Good points made by Bisto, I would agree first you need to decide what type of holiday you want and the rest will fall into place quite quickly and easily after that. Check Trip advisor for some good info on hotels and restaurants.

Greek islands may be a good bet, Corfu, Kephalonia, Zante, Crete and Rhodes. Cyprus is also another place that drives on the left as well.
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Excellent post from Bisto....

Good shout from Nick re Greece, as well...we've done a few islands over the years and always been made to feel very welcome by the locals. Food is generally simple and plentiful.

Canary Islands are another popular destination.

May sound obvious, but you'll need passports as well....try to allow 3 months before arranging, as sometimes they have issues...

Aircon a must for me as I'm not a fan of the heat, especially at night.
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Thanks guys. I've got a passport, but need to get Wendy and Alicia's sorted. Only want somewhere with a short flight, so probably Spain or one of the Spanish islands? Somewhere quietish as well. Not sure about all inclusive, as you don't know what the food will be like. Is self catering and finding somewhere that does English breakfast a good option? I take it you can get a good choice of English meals as well?


Quote from: zoony on July 08, 2017, 12:44:45 pm
Is self catering and finding somewhere that does English breakfast a good option? I take it you can get a good choice of English meals as well?

I'd try a cottage in Whitby then :)
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All good comments above (even Simsy's). ;)

If you have definite travel dates in mind but are a bit flexible on destinations you can save literally hundreds of pounds if you keep your nerve until around a couple of weeks (or even days..!) before you travel and watch prices tumble.

A disadvantage of course is it means you might not necessarily get what you originally had in mind, but I've found it's a risk very much worth taking; jet2holidays and Olympic Holidays are great sites for last-gasp deals.
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Quote from: zoony on July 08, 2017, 12:44:45 pm
. Not sure about all inclusive, as you don't know what the food will be like. Is self catering and finding somewhere that does English breakfast a good option? I take it you can get a good choice of English meals as well?

If you go to a tourist resort in Spain there will be plenty of "English" food and breakfasts. However one of the holiday highlights for me is to try the local food, things like fresh fish and salads that taste so much better than the tasteless stuff you get in the UK. Hams , cheeses, wines, always worth a try. Personally I prefer to eat out rather than go all inclusive, but you can get very good all inclusive deals. Again as Bisto said, if you want to eat out check your hotel has some eateries close by otherwise taxi fares can add up.
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Just got back from the travel agents, and I've booked a week all inclusive at Fuerteventura next whitsun ☺.