Manchester TNMS Gathering - 8th July. 2017

Started by Bez, June 05, 2017, 09:35:40 am

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Andrew Price, "Pricey" formerly of this parish, posted the following on Facebook yesterday :

Had a very pleasant chat with Diamond Dave Lythgoe this afternoon where the subject of Eucon came up , and a certain kinship through , music , "fashion" and ale
As the geek meet isn't till October , we've decided to rendezvous in the City of Manchester Saturday 8 July ; so take this as an open invite to join in . Rough plan being a tried and tested format , fine ales  , food , fine ales  .
Open invite .  Anyone fancy it ? 
I've tagged a few , please see fit to tag - mention - invite - anyone else ..."

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Assuming I can get all the necessary ducks in a row - as one has to do nowadays - I should be able to make this.
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I'm at a fest in Manc that day but can pop in for a pint.


It's just not right if there's not a Scottish presence so I'll be turning up for this.  :)