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Bravado, Sheffield City Hall 01.06.17

Started by Matt2112, June 01, 2017, 16:50:20 PM

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June 01, 2017, 16:50:20 PM Last Edit: June 01, 2017, 16:53:20 PM by Matt2112
Why hasn't there been a thread for this until now!?  :o

Bravado play Sheffield City Hall 40 years to the day since the real thing played at the venue to mark their live debut in the UK.

We are promised the same set list as 40 years ago, plus some more.

All that was way before my time of course - nevertheless, hope to see the usual suspects there (pre-meet in the Benjamin Huntsman, apparently).  8)
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I'd heard rumours but never seen anything official. A bit late for me now, see you at the next one in 2057!! ;D

Forgot all about this.
Was meant to be giving a mate a lift to the show...
Seems like I've finally turned into the curmudgeonly old misanthropic sociopath I make myself out to be  :-[
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Well....that...was something else.

I've witnessed Bravado playing the gig of their lives..!

And what a turnout - mavbe 350-400 people..?

Really good to see everyone.  What a night. :)
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Would have loved to have gone mate, but couldn't. I can imagine it was fantastic. Yep, shame there wasn't a thread on here about it before you started one, but I'm afraid this place is a mere shadow of what it once was 😕.

For the record, here's the set 2 set list (because everyone knows set 1 by heart, right?):

Spirit Of Radio
Red Barchetta
Drum solo: The Deano
La Villa
Closer To The Heart
Tom Sawyer

The only (very pleasant) divergence in the first set from the 1977 set list was 2112 played in its entirety - and a hilarious moment when Deano unfurled a notice saying "BONUS CONTENT" at the appropriate juncture..!!  ;D
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Here you are mate:

Bastille Day
Lakeside Park
Something For Nothing
Working Man/Finding My Way
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Very good set list, 2 out of the "Holy trinity" included 😊.

excellent evening of entertainment... made it by five mins before the start with three trains from Glasgow