Neil Peart Drum Clinic from 1992

Started by The Letter R, March 14, 2017, 10:33:28 am

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The Letter R

May be of interest to a few people - rare footage has reached YouTube of one of only 2 drum clinics Neil Peart has ever done - this is from 1992 at Irvine Plaza California - not watched it all myself yet - some of you may have done - for those that haven't seen this enjoy! 8)


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Interesting to see that he was once quite a personable guy, shame he turned into a massive douchebag
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It is impressive to see just how busy he is on, what appear to be, fairly 'straightforward' compositions.


Fascinating to see and though I've only watched a few short excerpts I thought he was pretty articulate. He does talk a lot, possibly nerves but he keeps it interesting. They seem to have picked a pretty poor location for a drum clinic though, I must say.


Looks like this is not a one off clinic specially put together, rather a clinic on the stage Rush are playing that night. Indeed far from ideal for any clinic. You would want something more intimate.
But is is really interesting. He likes to talk yes, then again, he has a lot to say on the subject. I have never been a fan of his writing but when he does something he is actually capable of (drumming) and explains how he does certain things (not techniques, there are others better equipped to explain that), like how he approaches a composition and why he plays a part a certain way, I am all ears. He is one of those drummers that can tell a "story" with his playing and I like that.
Arrogance Is Bliss