Iceland / Northern Lights ?

Started by Bez, January 02, 2017, 23:37:52 pm

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Mrs Bez was expressed a strong interest in seeing the Northern Lights for more years than I care to remember....this may be the year!

Has anyone been to Iceland on an Aurora hunt ?

Is Iceland worthy of 7 nights ? or can it be "done" in less

Opinions please
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Wife going for her 50th on the 27th Jan with 2 of her pals...

I'd say a week would be great to travel around...

My Brother went there on his honeymoon as well, I think...
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I'm taking my chance in Scotland in March, no guarantee of seeing them by travelling significantly north due to unpredictable weather/cloud.... good luck tho, Iceland looks fascinating

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We went to Northern Finland on a similar quest for a week a couple of years back.
Unfortunately it is all down to luck - clear night skies and lots of Solar Activity. Also take a decent camera and tripod, warm clothes, hip flask and head torch. We stood for 3 hours on a frozen lake and were duly rewarded one night with a minor showing.