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Started by Nick, October 20, 2016, 18:02:39 pm

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Quote from: rufus the dawg on September 13, 2019, 01:16:24 amWith the puddles of sweat on my keyboard.......

This seems very confused thinking to me, we can/could veto any further involvement in the EU. We are not in the Euro. The Scots want to stay in the EU one of the most nationalistic countries in Europe and they are not worried.

If you are worried nationhood and democracy why are you not bothered about the unelected House of Lords, Russians opening up false Facebook accounts during the referendum to sway voters to leave. The very serious speculation of Russian money been pumped in this country to sway voters to leave. Cambridge Analytica data mining for Vote leave. And then all the lies on both sides of the referendum.
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Quote from: Nïckslïkk2112 on September 12, 2019, 21:31:24 pmAnd this whole thread is about Brexit. I'm only pointing out that lots of people who voted to remain did so without knowing how the EU came into being, what it does, how it's run and what it wants to become. The remain camp are always trotting out their beliefs that Leavers didn't know the full facts, well, the boot can be worn on the other foot.

I share your concern about the European Superstate but the  veto and influence we currently exercise as a major member state  lost as soon as we leave....thus pretty much giving them a free you seriously think the UK will still be the world's 5th biggest economy if we leave on WTO terms?
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It's complicated................

On the one hand I sympathise with the Leave side because the EU is a crumbling edifice killed by admin and ambition. It's a gravy train for many and a massive economic bulldozer many simply do not understand. If we leave others will likely follow.

The referendum was fatally flawed in that it allowed for 'campaigns' which were both based on hyperbole with very little proper, factual information regarding the implications of leaving (or staying for that matter) available. Campaigns should have been completely outlawed for this one. Facts and practical considerations should have been to the fore.

If we were to respect the referendum result the Government should have rapidly set about harmonising all of the good laws and regulations that many would want to defend. Health, Safety, Employment, Food Standards etc. This would have enabled a PROPER negotiation for a decent deal or, failing that, a far more orderly NO DEAL departure.

Where the whole thing falls down is the big money interests backing Leave. They have hedged on it being a disaster and that is what the Boris's and Moggs' of the world are trying to engineer.

Boris actually MAY be a closet remainer who wants to look like he tried his very best to leave and was thwarted by the other parties.

Ok, I'll join in...

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Everybody's got to evalate from the norm.

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Brilliant Nick

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I was interested to hear the preposterous Jo Swinson's comments that she can't forgive David Cameron for calling the EU referendum.

Someone on Twitter dug this up, from the bowels of the Guardian's archives, from 2008:

"Speaking outside the chamber, Clegg said: "To allow a vote on a restrictive treaty referendum but deny one on the real issue of our membership of the EU is absurd. It is like allowing the British public to choose their mode of travel without asking whether they actually want to continue on their journey at all."


I note that David has made the remark that Messrs Johnson, Gove and co "left the truth at home" during the EU referendum campaign. Well - I'm sorry to say that our previous Prime Minister but one had left the truth on the negotiating table in Brussels when he returned to London and claimed to have "delivered" on a new deal with the EU. They had imperiously flicked him a few breadcrumbs, and if he'd had the courage to come out and admit that openly and recommend a vote to leave, they could well have offered a different arrangement that might have resulted in a win for the remain side.

I'm glad to say our present Prime Minister is taking a far more resolute, no-nonsense, honest and direct approach - not only with our country's enemies at the EU of course, but with their useful idiots over here. It's only a great shame that he's taken charge this late in the game.

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If you don't give me what I want I will blow my brains out is not a negotiating position Slim.


Quote from: rufus the dawg on Today at 14:47:30If you don't give me what I want I will blow my brains out is not a negotiating position Slim.
Only Remoaners make the assumption that leaving the EU will be fatal for the UK


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Remaining in the EU is the real blow-your-own-brains-out position at this stage, Rufus. It would be a national humiliation, and destroy trust in our politics.

Remaining in the EU now would cause decades - generations - of entirely justified resentment, anger, contempt, hate. And possibly violence.

If we don't get an improved deal, leaving without one is greatly to be preferred to the alternative.

The Prime Minister knows this. The EU goons know that he knows this.

And that's a good thing.


interesting to Dominic Raab on R4 this AM. He sounded almost plausible when he was trying to persuade the public that there is a real chance of a deal... ::)
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