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Started by Pricey, August 07, 2019, 12:50:06 pm

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rufus the dawg

On the face of it yes you are correct and I am sorry.

Slim was propagating "Fake News" which is very Trumpian, unless Slim can prove himself correct! Then I will stand to be educated and corrected.

Back to Trump


Not at all. It really was the Trade Unions and Labour movement that tanked British industry and exported millions of jobs abroad, starting in the '60s.

You asked me to "prove it" to an unusually high standard Rufus, yet when asked to defend your own laughable opinions to a similar standard - or even a low standard, you are pitifully unable to do so.

Furthermore, not long after extending a limp-wristed criticism referring to a "lack of original thought", the very best you can do to attempt to support your case by vomiting what looks like copy-pasta from Wikipedia. Can you even see the irony there? I worry about you. I do.

I have corrected you. I have not educated you. I'd need a bit of willingness and an open mind on your part to educate you. I don't even think you understand why I laugh at you yet, or you wouldn't keep doing it. You're certainly providing a lot of entertainment but I've genuinely done my best to help you, so my conscience is clear.

Perhaps this won't go over your head: how will you prove yourself correct?

The Letter R

The Letter R

ok - so no you can't edit posts either......

Please can we get back to fake orange tans and MAGA hat discussions here - if we're done with Trumping then we'll lock the tread.

rufus the dawg

You can be rude, that is fine my limp wrist will put up with it.

I am desperate to be educated by you slim so please put your evidence up for why " tanking British industry and causing wholesale unemployment in the '80s, when actually the Labour movement and trade unions did that." at the moment it is just your opinion.

I know that the unions had some part to play, you are implying it is completely their fault so away you go.

I'm fine not having an original thought if I have to be so clearly closed mind and rude like you.

Away you go dear boy, its Fake News until you answer otherwise.


Because you think so? No. Real life doesn't work like that.

Chris Quartly

Real life doesn't seem to include staying on topic either! 

The economy has done ok under Trump, mostly because of a lot of stimulus initiatives (a very left thing to do!), which, remarkably, are about to run out. It'll be somewhat ironic if the economy tanks going into an election year. playlist of previous 7 days:<br /><br /><br />Q's Comps<br /><br />Some Other Suckers Parade


Quote from: Chris Quartly on Yesterday at 19:05:39It'll be somewhat ironic if the economy tanks going into an election year.
Won't happen. Americans don't do irony ;)
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Simple message here, be civil to each other or have the thread locked...


I think he could be a 'two-termer'. Looks like we might be in for a global recession - level playing field!


He keeps talking about 2024! Wouldn't be surprised if he tries to change the constitution.  Not over gun law obviously!
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The awful thing - well one of quite a few awful things - about Trump is the polarising effect he's having on politics there, similar to the remainers over here.

I've started to read some really stupid things being circulated on social media on the part of the US left and their supporters, and it's counter-productive - it puts off the middle-ground, mainstream floating voters who make all the difference. Also like the remainers come to think of it, but we've already had that vote anyway.