This is Coronavirus- Do not panic!

Started by rufus the dawg, February 28, 2020, 20:23:30 pm

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Walked the dog along the front near to our local pub yesterday evening. Loads of people, mainly youngsters outside drinking. Social distancing? You're having a laugh! I'd imagine thousands of other places up and down the country were the same though.


Not sure why? I think calling yesterday "Super Saturday" should have set the right amount of caution in people's minds.
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Quote from: döm on July 05, 2020, 11:43:37 amNot sure why? I think calling yesterday "Super Saturday" should have set the right amount of caution in people's minds.
I see a landlord at a pub in Shrewsbury, 28 miles from us, has barred all under 21 year olds after a load of them took no notice of social distancing guidelines yesterday.


I've had lunch in four different pubs since Saturday. In all of them I was asked for contact details. Three of them had staff wearing masks, one didn't. All of them had one-way systems marked out on the floor, adequately spaced tables and hand sanitiser dispensers dotted around the place. One of them had a member of staff taking people's temperature on the way in, with one of those sensors that you point at people's foreheads.

None of them were particularly busy, interestingly - even on Saturday.

The one thing I'm a bit unhappy about is staff wearing masks. Apart from the fact that I find them creepy, which is not that important in the bigger picture, it's noticeable that people who wear them tend to adjust them from time to time. In one pub, I noticed a girl hand a mustard sachet to a customer, just after fiddling with her mask. In another, a young man put his mask back in place just before handing out some cutlery. Given that these things absorb moisture from your breath all the time you have them on, it's not really what you want, is it? I suspect they're counter-productive.
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I've eaten out at a couple more places, now. On Sunday I had lunch at a pub about 3 miles away, where I've often been in the past. None of the staff were wearing face coverings or visors, which I was pleased about. No-one asked us for contact details, which surprised me a little. Most disappointingly the landlady was standing talking to a group of people for several minutes, right at their table. She obviously knew them but even so, they wouldn't have been part of the same household. Given that you're more likely to expel an infectious dose of virus particles while talking than just breathing quietly, a bit disconcerting, I thought.

Anyway the reported death curve has come down off the plateau a bit in the last week and is still descending gently, the daily average being less than 80 at the moment. I suppose that must partly be due to better treatment as well as a reduction in the incidence of infection.

We're approaching the time when the pubs opening might make a difference to the curve.
Lies run sprints, but the truth runs marathons.


Haven't been to the pub since re-opening yet - no-one seems up for it. 

That's what they've told me, anyway. ::)
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