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Started by Norwegian, October 08, 2016, 14:29:21 pm

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Might bring a few golfmates over nxt september. Wanted to hear if any on this forum could give us some ideas about where to play/stay.

B&B is ok for accomodation, regarding the golf we dont need to play the crap or most posh courses. Planning 4 rounds, at least 2 of linkscaracter

It would be a plus if any golfplaying tnmsmembers would join in and play, or caddie ::) ;D


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Head out to Gullane. That's where Muirfield is.

You're unlikely to get on there but you could try. Lots of other courses there.

Gullane golf club has three courses (all links)

The whole area is being marketed as Scotland's Golf Coast.

Lots of accomodation in the area.


thanks Pete, Muirfield is way to pricey. But I found many other great courses in that last link :)
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I'll take you to the Scotch Malt Whisky Society when you're over. (Depending on how many of you there are)


North Berwick is fantastic.....if you want to go to Ayr then I'd recommend Glasgow Gailes, Western Gailes & Dundonald. All within 2 - 3  miles of each other and the Gailes Hotel is a great base.

useful link for reviews and recommendations :
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Yes come back to Ayrshire..NorConAyr 2 mate...
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Quote from: Fishy on October 09, 2016, 19:31:20 pm
Yes come back to Ayrshire..NorConAyr 2 mate...
would have been nice eeeh.....
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Gullane, as per Pete's link is fantastic

Courses 1,2 +3.

No1 is a real challenge , No2 is moderate and No3 is quite short , but all of them with stunning views.

Kingsbarns near St Andrews is my favourite course anywhere , but could be too expensive for you all.
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