your favourite year of the 80s

Started by zoony, September 26, 2016, 15:51:18 pm

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As I can't pick up Planet Rock on the radio at work these days, I've been listening a lot to Absolute radio. They've just had a poll on what people thought was the best year of the 80s, with '85 coming out on top. It got me thinking what mine was, and I narrowed it down to '82, '87 or '88. '83 and '84 were also in the running. Eventually decided on '88, for musical, romantic and just general having a good time reasons. What year would you vote for then?

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Easy, 88 also; started dating my lovely, beautiful, amazing wife. And left school, hateful place.

85 next..... Power Windows was released!
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'88 seems to stand out best for me.
Did well in my GCSE's, had a good season of Cricket for club, school and county, went to Donnington for Maiden, and just generally enjoyed being 17. Seemed a nice time
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Best year would be between the following...

84 the year I went to tertiary education.

86 - 87 year abroad in Grenoble.

89 went to Spain to teach English. Probably 89 from all those as that's where I met my wife.
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Being as 1980 was in the 70s, I'll say 1990 :)

The 70s were better, met the wife to be, got into HEAVY METAL, discovered BEER and went to my first Music Festival.
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Easy: 1985 - Power Windows.  Live After Death.  On the cusp of my teens.  Big school.  Live Aid.  Halifax Town were in the football league.

Honourable mention:
1987 - HYF.  The Joshua Tree.  In my teens.  In a relationship with a girl from school which lasted three whole years.  I was having trials with Bradford City.  On the cusp of an apostasy.  Halifax Town were still in the football league.  Heady times... :)

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1988 saw Rush live for the first time, Wimbledon won the FA Cup, first time I went to America.


1980 - it's the year closest to the 1970's :)

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1983, the year I went to uni.  England beat NZ in the cricket.  Lovely hot summer. Saw Rush for the first time. And U2, and The Jam, and Peter Gabriel, and The Alarm twice. And even Joboxers.


1983 - Scared the shit out of my mother by decamping to London for a week JUST BEFORE MY O'LEVELS to go to the Wembley Signals Tour shows (waiting around after shows to get autographs from ALL THREE OF THEM).... The sudden explosion of Marillion from clubs to two sold out Hammersmith Odeon shows..... Being 17 with bad hair and motorbike etc....
Ok, I'll join in...

1981 x 1
1983 x 4
1988 x 2
1992 x 2
1996 x 2
1997 x 5
2002 x 3
2004 x 7
2007 x 7
2011 x 3
2013 x 3


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1980. I was 18, and had left school at 16. Flitting between factories and shops, I changed jobs more frequently than I washed my jeans. I didn't know my arse from my elbow in those days, but I loved football and music with a passion! Most of my weekends and money were spent in Record Shops and following Man United home and away but I was still an infrequent gig goer at that age. Apart from seeing many local and tribute bands at the Cartoon and The Gun I think I only saw UFO (with Girl), Saxon and Samsom that year

I used to buy an average of one or two albums a week from either 101 Records, Beanos, Diamond Records, Our Price or from department stores such as Alders, Debenhams, Littlewoods, Grants and Boots...all in Croydon.

That year I bought Iron Maiden, Glory Road, The Michael Schenker Group, Wheels Of Steel and Strong Arm Of The Law, Ready An Willin', Animal Magnetism, I'm a Rebel, Back in Black, Ace Of Spades, China Town, Live in the Heart of the City, Head on, Heaven & Hell, Metal Rendezvous, Tomcattin, Beatin' the odds, Power Supply, Women and Children first, Zenyatta Mondatta, Uprising, Vienna, Sky 2, Boy, Scarey Monsters, Kaleidoscope, On through the Night, Wild Cat, Blizzard of Ozz, British Steel and the Metal for Muthas compilation. I only had Hemispheres on Cassette  until a couple of years later.

Most memorable of all was the very first Monsters of Rock Festival at Donnington Park. What a day that was....Ive been to a fair few gigs and Festivals since then but that was my first. My memory is generally poor but that day is permanently etched in my mind, not just for the great performances but the atmosphere. If I could relive one festival again it would be that one!

Line up

Judas Priest
April Wine

Other memorable events in 1980:

The Moscow Summer Olympics: Led by the United States under US President Jimmy Carter, 65 countries boycott the games in  protest at the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. The BOC defied the Government to compete in the games, with Wells, Ovett, Coe, Goodhew and Thompson the only Gold medal winners for GB as they finish in 9th place.

Nottingham Forest retain the European Cup beating (West German champions) Hamburger SV 1-0  in Madrid.
West Ham United become only the 2nd ever team from the 2nd tier of English football to win the F.A. Cup by beating red hot favourites Arsenal 1 - 0, thanks to a rare headed goal from Trevor Brooking
Liverpool win their 12th League title.

Borg beats McEnroe to clinch his 5th and final Wimbledon Men's Singles Final

The British Economy slides into recession
British Steel workers go on strike
Inflation reaches 22% Taxes and Duties are raised in the budget
Unemployment figure approaches 2 million

The SAS storm the Iranian Embassy building, kill 5 out of the 6 terrorists and free all the hostages
Alexandra Palace is destroyed by fire.

Former Actor Ronald Reagan defeats incumbent U.S. President Jimmy Carter
Start of the Iran-Iraq war

Robert Mugabe elected Prime Minister of the newly independent Zimbabwe

Lech Walesa forms 'Solidarity' the anti-communist trades union organisation in Poland

Mount St. Helens erupts in Washington, killing 57 and causing US$3 billion worth of damage.

NASA's Voyager I sends back hi-res images of Saturn

In Australia, baby Azaria Chamberlain disappears from a campsite at Ayers Rock, taken by a dingo.

Former Beatle John Lennon dies in the hospital having been shot outside his New York City apartment by obsessive, deranged fan Mark David Chapman.

Exit Stage left:

Oswald Mosley (b. 1896) - Leader of the British Union of Fascists
Hattie Jacques (b. 1922) - (Carry on films) Actress
Yootha Joyce (b.  1927) Actress
Peter Sellers (b. 1925) Actor and Comedian
Bon Scott (b. 1946) - Lead singer of AC/DC
Jesse Owens (b. 1913) - American track and field athlete who won 4 gold medals in the 1936 Munich Summer Olympics.
Jean-Paul Sartre (b. 1905) - French Existentialist philosopher, political activist and writer.
John Laurie (b. 1897) Actor (Private Frazer in Dad's Army)
Alfred Hitchcock (b. 1899) - British film director
Ian Curtis (b. 1956) - Lead singer of Joy Division.
John Bonham (b. 1948) - Led Zeppelin drummer
Steve McQueen (b. 1930) - American film & tv actor
Mae West (b. 1893) - American actress, playwright, screenwriter and sex symbol.
John Lennon (b. 1940) - British singer, songwriter, guitarist and political activist.
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