'Timeless Wavelength' - Double vinyl

Started by DavidL, August 02, 2016, 00:21:38 am

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August 02, 2016, 00:21:38 am Last Edit: August 02, 2016, 00:25:08 am by DavidL
I spotted this in my local independent store on Saturday. A double live album recorded at Kiel Auditorium on the Permanent Waves tour. As it was marked up at £24.99 and was obviously a bootleg recording, I gave the sleeve the once over and placed it back in the rack. I already have the well known boot, 'Spirit Of The Airwaves' from one of the Kiel shows on CD (Spirit Of The Airwaves) and assumed, incorrectly, that this double vinyl may include different tracks from the same recording. I've done some research and it seems that it could be exactly the same radio broadcast but cut to vinyl.
I decided to Google the title and it brought up some interesting results. The record company putting this out is called 'Invisible Hands' and they are selling it online for £9.99! I decided, for that money I would take a chance and ordered a copy yesterday. Even if it is just a vinyl version of Spirit...I know this is a quality recording.
Here is some of the blurb from their site:

OUT NOW! - (Not available in the USA)Limited edition Super High quality - Audiophile release (DOUBLE 140g vinyl LP - mastered at Abbey Road Studios by the legendary Miles Showell).Timeless Wavelength is an ultra high quality vinyl-only 1980 double live set from one of the biggest rock groups in history, recorded live at Kiel Auditorium, St Louis, Missouri, USA, February 12, 1980.Wait, havenet I seen this one before?  No.... No you havent.Timeless Wavelength was mastered in super high quality by the master of mastering Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios - The Grammy award nominated sonic wizard who is responsible for breathing new life into albums by The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Queen and many more.  This new live album features Canada's biggest rock export, RUSH - with millions of sales of their nineteen studio albums, recorded between 1974 and the present day.

So, one of the interesting things is that it is being marketed as an audiophile recording, mastered by Miles Showell (total coincidence btw - I picked up a copy of Hi-Fi Choice tonight (to read in the bath!) from a few months back that I've not read yet and it includes a feature on..Miles Showell!). Invisible Hands would appear to not be the only company to have released this on vinyl as there is another double set with exactly the same track listing that was released 01 Aug 2015 by Rox Vox. This version is simply entitled, 'Rush - Kiel Auditorium, St Louis, Missouri, 14 February 1980'. The stated date of this recording causes more confusion as 'Timeless Wavelength' is apparently recorded on 12 February. Web sources tell me that the band played 3 nights at this venue, 12, 13 and 14 February but I doubt more than one quality recording of a Kiel show exists (strangely, the information contained in the book, 'Merely Players' by Robert Telleria states that they only played there on 13 and 14 Feb!?).
Just wondered if anyone has any answers to these questions or has bought a copy of 'Timeless Wavelength'. Like I say, I'm sure it will be the same broadcast as the one we all know of but I'll be intrigued to see how the vinyl compares to the digital version.

Anyone interested in purcasing this, heres the link:



Caveat Emptor !! Some of these dodgy releases of radio shows have been sourced from poor quality MP3 files. That's certainly the case for some of the CD releases.


There a several boots from 14th Feb 1980 out there, all from the same source.

All listed here.

This is supposed to be the best one as it was directly recorded from the LPs used by the radio station.

Just to add to the confusion, it looks like the date for those boots is all wrong anyway. :o  The Power Windows site lists the dates at the Keil Auditorium as 11, 12 and 13th Feb 1980. They have ticket stub scans to back that up.

Click on the entry for 11, 12, 13th Feb to open up a window with the ticket stub scans. There's also pictures of the original vinyl record labels.


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After a bit of 'faffing around' on the part of the suppliers (Invisible Hands Music), I now have a copy of the double vinyl, Timeless Wavelength. As I suspected, it appears to be the same high quality recording that goes under other names (Spirit Of The Airwaves) and was used for the radio broadcast (sleeve notes state recorded 12th Feb '80)
Nice  gatefold package with liner notes by Michael Bramwell(?). Inner photo by Fin Costello accurately captures the band on stage in 1980.
The audio quality is excellent. If ESL had been recorded, mastered and cut like this it would have been a different album altogether. Track list:

Side 1
By-Tor & The Snow Dog

Side 2
The Spirit Of Radio

Side 3
Natural Science
Between, Beneath & Behind (incorrect)
Working Man
Finding My Way/ Anthem
Bastille Day

Side 4
In The Mood/ Drum solo
La Villa Strangiato

The vinyl is super quiet with no surface noise. For an extremely reasonable £9.99 direct from IHM, if you like this period and love vinyl, this is the one!