20 years ago today

Started by Stuart B, July 14, 2016, 13:13:47 pm

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Stuart B

So 20 years ago today (14th July 1996) the first Convention took place in Leicester.  I missed this one - my first was the year after in 97.

Anyone go along to the first one?

The Letter R

Blimey - time flies. Yes I was there.  8)

Spirit of Rich

As was I. Me and my mate Jonesy travelled to Leicester with some trepidation thinking there'd be about ten people there.

It turned into an awesome day, one of my fondest memories of many in the years I've followed Rush around the world. In those pre-Internet times and at a time when Rush's UK profile was at an all time low, it was glorious to discover there were actually lots of people who loved them as much as me.

I'm welling up 'ere 😄
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I was living in London at the time and didn't know about it, but that would have been just about the time my interest in Rush started to resurge - mostly due to becoming a Citizen of the Internet - a Netizen, if you will - in the summer of '96. The very first thing I did when I encountered a PC connected to the Internet in early '96 was to do a net search - courtesy of Netscape, probably - for "Rush". And I found the old National Midnight Star mailing list and some of its archives.
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Netscape Navigator..blimey i remember that..
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