Hosting renewal and moving!

Started by Stewart, February 17, 2016, 17:43:12 pm

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Hey everyone,
So I got the bill for the 2016/2017 hosting through yesterday and it's over £200 so I've said stuff that and am moving the site to a UK host that's going to cost between £35 and £65 for the year (the difference is based on how much bandwidth we COULD use).

Right now I've shelled out £35, so it's likely that could remain.

I'm just doing a test database export and import to the new host IF that goes well, then I'll look to put the site in Maintenance mode tomorrow or Friday and do the move then.

Don't worry I shall let you all know when this happens properly.


... And we're back!

On a UK based server at less that 1/4 of the cost of the old one!

Sorry it took a couple of days longer than expected, but that was due to the old host being ... reluctant to let us go :)

Anyway, enjoy.




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Cheers Stew, let us know if you want donations towards the hosting....its probably been a year or 2 since I contributed.  ;)

RC1.1 abd g/n 11/0/bcd/tG PeW/- ~600 x 0 61%


If people would like to donate, they're more than welcome to do so...

PayPal: sgilray70 AT

Cheers Bez, and others.


If someone would like to donate towards costs, today would be a good day! :)


One person has donated already, many thanks :)

You know who you are.


Nice reminder, Stew, a tenner on its way...
RC1.1 abd g/n 11/0/bcd/tG PeW/- ~600 x 0 61%



If anyone else would like to send a few schekles, feel free to do so...


For a final mention...

The bill for the move comes out of my account this Thursday (24th) if folks who want to contribute can make sure they do so by Wednesday that'd be awesome, we're currently shy £20.00