Simple Pleasure of the Day - 80

Started by Chris Quartly, November 19, 2015, 19:49:37 pm

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The new songs are an abomination


On a crane instructors course this week. Only had to do 12 hours in total the last 2 days, and will get 2 12hr holidays  back for that.


The keys to happiness


Anger is a gift.


Quote from: Matt2112 on August 17, 2016, 13:23:09 pm
Islamist fruitcake Anjem Choudary is finally behind bars.
Unfortunately it will cost us thousands. Should be bound and gagged, loaded on a C130 and jettisoned above Syria at 20,000ft. Let IS have what's left of him.


I'm on a crane instructors training course this week, one to one with a tutor called Graham, who is in his early 60s and a really nice bloke. One of the tasks he gave me today was to try and talk to him for about 5 minutes on a hobby or something that I'm interested in. I chose the history of RUSH, and my experience of being a fan of them. After I'd finished, he said I'd spoke well, and he'd found it interesting as he didn't really know a lot about them. When he asked me how long I thought I'd been talking for, I said about 4 minutes. He said try 17!  :o :).


Simple Generosity.

Thanks big feller.
The new songs are an abomination


RC1.1 abd g/n 11/0/bcd/tG PeW/- ~600 x 0 61%


Tickets in what looks like a nice box in the grand tier of the Albert hall to see Bjork next month and a first class return train ticket in the train ticket sale...
Anger is a gift.


The new songs are an abomination


fish junior 20 today..blimey..where's the time gone..
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The Guardianista Twitterati have been annoyed by this:

Good :)
Why are so many people so eager to take umbrage at things that are obviously tongue in cheek jokes? This was just a response to the loathsome EU creating a medal table to put themselves at the top of the Olympics pile. I despair.
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Seeing the return of an old 'face'!   :)
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Rewarded myself with a rather gorgeous Bacon Butty! First one in many, many months. 🐷
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Quote from: Bisto on August 31, 2016, 20:41:41 pm
Rewarded myself with a rather gorgeous Bacon Butty! First one in many, many months. 🐷

Seeing you back on here mate! That's really made my day  :)
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