Simple Pleasure of the Day - 80

Started by Chris Quartly, November 19, 2015, 19:49:37 pm

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The Letter R

Quote from: zoony on December 18, 2015, 12:34:33 pm
Standing next to Robert Plant in Sainsburys at Kidderminster yesterday. I'm sure he was going to ask me if I was Zoony, but then clammed up.

He must of had a Custard Pie in his basket surely.........


30 week scan all good - can enjoy our Christmas now (severe diabetic hypos permitting). :)
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Enjoying listening to vinyl through Tom Evans Microgroove phono stage. My latest s/h purchase from ebay is making me want to listen to every one of my LP collection without stopping until reaching Eliminator.


A bit of a strange one, but my mum's obituary was the first one in the local rag.
She'd have liked that, as it was always the first page she turned to to see which of her contemporaries had passed away.
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A trip to the pub with the juniors....a couple of bottles of red for me and numerous pintage for them before moving on....just a few jobs to complete before an early night and a late morning....have a good one everybody....
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Always plenty of pickings to be had today. Cashews, Roses, bacon off the turkey and a prawn cocktail. Roll on lunch time  :).


In 1978 I received Hemispheres and 2112 for my Christmas. Today, 37 years later, I received the Signals blu-ray, there is a certain joy in that continuation.


Playing Piece of Mind. The same copy I got on this day in 1983, when I was 12, same age as Isaac is now.
Wonder how many of his presents from this year will still be around in 32 years.
The lenses inside of me that paint the world black. The pools of poison, the scarlet mist, that spill over into rage.


A nice family day, no falling out or arguments.


Getting a very cheap, but thoughtful present from the in laws. Abut 40 albums they had in the back if a cupboard. Some really nice albums in great nick, and, bizarrely, a Pearl Jam and green Tesla 12" that used to belong to me.
The lenses inside of me that paint the world black. The pools of poison, the scarlet mist, that spill over into rage.


Better drowned than duffers if not duffers wont drown


Hangover free after the usual raucous boxing day family party at the brother in laws house.



All done.....until next year that is. Now breathe
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Popped to Tesco to replenish my beer stock and serendipitously chanced upon a damaged box of 18 cans of Stella for a paltry £6.50...that'll do. :)
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