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Started by Thailand Express, May 04, 2015, 23:58:08 pm

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Vapor Trailer

Im sure there will be a couple of surprises / interesting choices. As for playing 'the same old shit' what do you expect? they cant play everything or stuff theyve not played for 30 years.

I will be happy with whatever they play.
I wish I could live it all again.


where you seeing them Steve?


I'd be happy seeing them play whatever too.  It's Alex's fault - he always makes out that they're dusting off a load of deep cuts when in reality there's 2 or 3  surprises and then the usual...
Anger is a gift.

Thailand Express

Looks like the reverse chronological setlist was right enough from the first numbers...

Thailand Express

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****** ****!!!

Didnt think Rush had the capacity to surprise like this!!!

Setlist #1....

Set One

  Clockwork Angels
  The Anarchist
  Headlong Flight (with mini Drum Solo)
  Far Cry
  The Main Monkey Business
  One Little Victory
  Roll the Bones
  Distant Early Warning


Set Two

  Tom Sawyer
  Red Barchetta
  The Spirit of Radio
  Jacob's Ladder
  Cygnus X-1 Book Two: Hemispheres - Prelude
  Cygnus X-1: Book I: The Voyage - Part 1
  Drum Solo
  Cygnus X-1: Book I: The Voyage - Part 3
  Closer to the Heart
  2112: I. Overture
  2112: II. Temples of Syrinx
  2112: IV. Presentation
  2112: VII. The Grand Finale


  Lakeside Park
  What You're Doing
  Working Man
  Garden Road (riff)

:o Please please PLEASE bring this show to the UK!!!


Second set is absolutely awesome. Shame about the first set. Turn up at the interval and it could be one of the best gigs ever. If only we could get the chance to see it.


I've only just realised that it's Garden Road not The Garden. feck me.  :o :o


It's in reverse chronological order.


Plus double necks and double bass drums.
Everybody's got to evalate from the norm.


That encore   :o :o
Anthem - yes!
biggest surprise is Lakeside Park - I thought they hated it ???
Working Man to be swapped with LVS?



And none of that 80's pish they played on the last tour  ;D

Shame we won't actually see this one :(


They're probably dummies but look at that backline.



Alex sounds fecking amazing on that clip that Pete posted.
Anger is a gift.