Still NO Euro tour news

Started by Eugene Debs, April 18, 2015, 11:35:46 am

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Quote from: Thailand Express on May 19, 2015, 13:26:40 pm

;)  Doubt very much they'd cross the Atlantic and avoid Glasgow.  But if they did I'd certainly venture south...
I´d like to see them in Glasgow
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Quote from: Norwegian on May 19, 2015, 14:17:06 pm
I´d like to see them in Glasgow

I'd like to see them in Glasgow, and then invite NP out to Sauchiehall Street to enjoy a deep fried mars bar and can of Irn Bru.

After all, it was good enough for Marco Minnemann...... ;D

Thailand Express

On the subject of Geddy and London, I saw this the other week...


Quote from: Fishy on May 19, 2015, 11:39:43 am
so its an England tour rather than a Uk tour then  ?

Of course I wouldn't begrudge them playing in Scotland, Wales and Ireland as well.


I do like Geddy very much, and love listening to him being interviewed, especially about all things music, sport, wine. Nice easy interview style, says interesting things and a wry sense of humour.

I think NP comes over very well recently too.
The new songs are an abomination



one of my less interesting posts I must be honest.

But I genuinely do think he interviews very well
The new songs are an abomination


thank God he doesn't sing the interview then...
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Good news!

Looks like the boys could be preparing their busker Euro tour with a unique strings and a poet line up  :)
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From the Agency Group, when asked about Rush touring the UK: "...there is no news on any further touring for RUSH" 

Read into that whatever you will...


Rumours of 12 more dates to be added.
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I saw a rumour the other day about them playing Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia!

One thing's for sure the odds on LA being the last gig of the tour appear to be lengthening...


I'd only be able to do us shows if they're post October....

Anger is a gift.


A theory is maybe missed US cities like Cleveland, say 6 USA, then maybe 6 Europe.
Everybody's got to evalate from the norm.