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Started by Matt2112, March 06, 2015, 12:54:56 pm

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Quote from: The Letter R on July 31, 2019, 13:37:29 pmOut of the blue yesterday had another email from a senior customer manager from SWR again apologising for them getting my initial claim wrong and saying he is arranging for another £30 worth of vouchers to come my way!!! ;D

Think of the money they'd save if their people did their job right in the first place!!

Indeed.  Nice one, Keith.   :D
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The Letter R

True to his word vouchers arrived in the post yesterday  8)


More credit where it's due:

On the first day of the football season, my plans to travel the not inconsiderable journey from Halifax to Ebbsfleet were severely disrupted by Grand Central cancelling my direct Halifax-London KX train (I made the game on time in the end); fair play to them, they've sent me one of their scratchcards for a complimentary journey, valid until next September.

And another: recently, our gas supply required the emergency attention of an engineer; long story short, aside from having to wait to speak to an advisor from Ovo/Boost for around 80 minutes (fine, I can do other things in the meantime), once I got through the customer service was very good, and an engineer was booked to attend during a time slot ending at 10.30pm the same evening.  He arrived at 11.15pm, obviously no fault on his part (he'd just come off a job in Chesterfield, over 60 miles away) and he was pleasant and efficient and resolved the issue quickly.  Being prompted for feedback the day after I mentioned the engineer was late for the given slot but that was a minor issue, gave a high mark for the overall experience and thought nothing else of it.  Nonetheless, Ovo/Boost are compensating me with a cheque for £30.00 for the job not being done during the given time slot.

So, fair play to Grand Central and Ovo/Boost, who seem to grasp the concept of customer retention. :)
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