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So, who pulled the trigger and bought this set?

I wasn't going to bother, but I was at a loose end in HMV with some Xmas funds, and as I was about to leave the shop I spotted two copies on the shelf. (Amazed that HMV had even bothered to stock this!)

I opted for the blu set, even though I already had R30, Time Machine and CA sets on blu, I just liked the idea of splashing out on something like this set. It's nicely packaged and looks classy, sitting alongside the bound collection of tourbooks.

So far, I've watched the following -

Bonus disc

The 74 and 76 bits are fun to watch, and although the picture isn't top-notch it's still very watchable. Sound is stereo only but pretty well mixed. The TFE set is better quality and it's nice to have a visual memento of this tour.

The RRHF footage is priceless, watching Grohl get stuck into the likes of Rolling Stone in his speech and watching 'the suits' squirm in their front row tables while the Rush-strong audience drown them out at the back of the hall.

Maybe it's the sharpness of the hi-res picture on the blu but it looks like Geddy is blushing when Alex delivers his unscripted blah blah blah speech  :-[

Rush in Rio

Picture quality is good - probably a bit sharper than the dvd version, but no real improvement on the sound mix - the dolby tru surround mix still suffers from the volume of the crowd, so it was plain old stereo for this one, but it sounded fine.


I had already upgraded this one to blu (having originally bought the deluxe dvd/cd set), but on this version the disc also contains all the extras that were on the second dvd but missing from the first generation blu.

Picture and sound are both excellent. The extras are fun to watch, but not something I'd bother with repeatedly.

Snakes and Arrows

Just started this one last night - picture is significantly improved on the dvd version and the DTS surround track is very clear and spacious, if a little lacking in bass. I turned up the sub a notch and it sound fine then.

I'm having to watch these in chunks because of the length, but seeing as how my better half is now on board as a fan (only took her 20 years....), at least I'm not banished into man-cave to watch them on the small telly  :)


I've got this & I'm actually quite pleased with it.

It helps though that 1: I don't have any of the live sets after Rio & R30 (both on old-skool DVD), and 2: it was a birthday present from my other half - dunno what it cost and I don't care. :)

Result, then.


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Quote from: Bassassin on January 21, 2015, 13:26:31 pm
- dunno what it cost and I don't care. :)

That was kinda my attitude as well. It was Xmas, I had been given some gift money, and I really needed a boost to get me through the toughest of times at the moment.

I just saw the set sitting on the shelf, and went for it.

Fortunately my better half has recently taken an (Earth)shine to the band and their music, so she's totally digging this set.


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Is there any difference between the version on Amazon and the one on Backstage Club?
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I was going to give this a miss but I sold numerous sets of darts on ebay so decided to bite the bullet. I didn't realise that it was the size of a large book so that goes some way towards it's hefty price tag. I bought the blu-ray version and bought the US version which was £20 cheaper than the UK version and is also region free. It's nicely put together but it is a lot of money for stuff I more or less have.

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Blu-Ray version currently just £35.99 on amazon uk.
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