Simple Pleasure of the Day - 79

Started by Chris Quartly, December 18, 2014, 23:14:50 pm

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Quote from: Jonners on November 19, 2015, 15:24:43 pm
A portion of the hot wings from this place!menu/ch8j

Only heard rumour of them, until today. our MD brought a portion in from his dinner last night.

Quite possibly the hottest thing on the planet. I ate one, and have spent the last 30 minutes with my mouth full of either iced water or yoghurt or milk, none of which has done any good. my lips resemble one of the victims from Channel 5's "My bottox nightmare" and my stomach is giving me fair warning that I will be suffering a rectal prolapse in the next few hours.

Chris, who sits next to me, had a small amount of the sauce on a spoon, and immediately got the shakes and started crying.

Sam and Holly, our two trainees, took a whole wing each in an attempt to impress. Sam, who is a brave lad, is trying to act tough, but is unable to speak, while Holly has been gone for 15 minutes in the toilet, and I fear the worst.

if you eat them "in house", you have the opportunity to eat all six without a drink or napkin, and you get them for free. But you have to sign a disclaimer first.

I shit you not, it was like trying to eat a lava bomb.

TNMS Post of the Year 2015. Official.

Send pics.  ;) ;D


Why is this in Simple pleasure of the day?
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