Started by paul_D, May 08, 2014, 20:59:36 pm

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MAX WEBSTER on bbc  top of the pops tonight  (now in fact)  nice ......


Well it was 35 years ago this week I saw Rush at Birmingham Odeon supported by Max Webster .... almost chocked on my tea when I looked up and saw Peter Powell introducing MW from the corresponding episode of TOTP from May 1979   :D
And I tell you what ... that was the first music I had heard by MW since that heady night way back in May 1979  :-\


Geddy guested on one song. great heavy track , must be on youtube somewhere, can't remember what its called. Worth a listen.



Battle Scar from the Universal Juveniles album. All three members of Rush play on it.


Presume they were on TOTP in '79 because they were over here supporting Rush.

Found a write up on the 'net about their memories of their visit to the TOTP studio.

Still seems bizarre seeing them on TV again, almost 35 years to the day ! And I have still got the free flexi disc they gave out at the 1979 tour.

Tim W.

Battlescar is just stupendous - Two top bands, both playing live simultaneously in the studio. In an odd way, this might be my favourite 'Rush' track (that's a ridiculous statement I know but it really is a brilliant slab of rock).

The album it came off (Universal Juveniles) is uniformly great as is the one before (A Million Vacations).

Do not underestimate the (once) mighty Websters...!