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Hentor Sportscaster replica

Started by Ian Harris, March 11, 2014, 19:48:48 pm

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Ian Harris

I'm pleased to see Hentor Sportscaster replicas available, if I ever win the lottery. This is the strat with which Alex plays Limelight on Exit..., and used through Signals and Grace Under Pressure: a trem'd up, humbucker, single, single superstrat before superstrats became a thing.

It's not as iconic as the ES355, but it's my favourite guitar period, so I thought I'd post. Alex put the made-up-name Hentor Sportscaster on the custom-made neck in letraset. I really remember the pick of the headstock in GUP-era photos in Kerrang bearing Hentor Sportscaster.

Alex gave luthier Freddy Gabrzek his original, and Freddy reverse engineered it to build the replicas. Here's his website http://www.freddysfrets.com and here's a video of him demo'ing it with some B-roll of him making the guitars: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLtT8J5cbEc

The cost is CDN$3250 or so, and it looks like he takes a limited number of orders, then builds them. Apols if someone else has posted on this - I searched TNMS but found no mention.

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Very nice and very desirable.  If I was to be ultra-fussy, I'd have the pick-up selector in more of a conventional Strat location.  And ideally a couple of grand off the price tag...  ;)
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