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Started by rascal houdi, March 01, 2014, 00:04:55 am

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Straight Shooter

Quote from: rascal houdi on March 23, 2014, 21:36:02 pm
Coming soon...MSG at Reading 82 when Gary Barden got an emergency call to replace Graham Bonnet after he'd (allegedly) flipped & got his cock out at a warm up gig the previous night.  :o ;D

As long as Edinburgh's not a warm up gig tomorrow night then... :-X
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Quote from: Straight Shooter on March 23, 2014, 23:03:44 pm
As long as Edinburgh's not a warm up gig tomorrow night then... :-X

Maybe a position close to the soundboard might be in order.... ::)
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Not seen Bonnet since The original MOR ...He was pretty shit then tbh

The Letter R

Nice pictures Mark, Rob Halford with Hair, ZZ Top in the early stages of beard growth, excellent stuff!! Like the inclusion of the ticket stubs too, was only discussing the other day how the bands names were often just stamped on the back of the Hammy Odeon ones.


Absolutely fantastic shots mate, a real treasure trove of memories :)
17/04/92 - Wembley Arena, London
08/09/04 - Wembley Arena, London
09/09/04 - Wembley Arena, London
11/09/04 - NEC, Birmingham
24/05/13 - O2 Arena, London

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Rob Barchetta

Some great pics to come back to there Mark, having bee away a week or so.

Nice to see a slim Chris Glen (w/MSG), having last seen a much larger version with SAHB a few years ago  :o

Those Ozzy pics are especially cool looking back all these years later, with Randy R sharing the stage and Ozzy wearing his trademark 'tassles'  8)
Can't get enough of that long hair music...

rascal houdi

...and the next lot... :)

A few of them not great quality but I'll wager there's not a lot of shots in existence of Diamond Head at the Electric Stadium in Chadwell Heath, Essex, a venue with obvious delusions of grandeur as it was actually the backroom of a pub. ::)
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More great photos.

What gear did you use for these and what sort of film were you shooting with ?

rascal houdi

Never had anything special at all gear wise.  First batch of shots (up to Whitesnake 79) were taken with a Zorki Russian-made rangefinder camera just with the standard lens.  The rest were taken with a Cosina CSM, which I believe was one of the cheapest SLRs on the market back then, using standard lens & a Tamoron 135mm telephoto lens borrowed from my dad.  I also got an 80-200mm zoom later on.
Ironically, I did finally treat myself to a decent Canon SLR just about the time it got too much hassle getting the camera in & never got round to using it in a gig situation.

Always used Kodak 400asa film.
There's only two Phil Spectors in this world...and I'm one of them! (Guy Stevens)


One final question - print film or slides ? I used to take a load of gig photos (not as good as yours :( ) and I tried both. The colours were great if you shot using slides but they were a pain to view and to show people.

rascal houdi

There's only two Phil Spectors in this world...and I'm one of them! (Guy Stevens)

Spirit of Rich

Brilliant Mark, especially loved the ones of Diamond Head at Chadwell Heath, how did Duncan Scott get out from behind his kit?  ;D
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Super work, Rasc. Nice one. What did you use to scan the negatives? I have a cheap negative scanner which works OK for some shots but tends to blow out well-lit scenes. It's a lot of work cloning out the dust spots as well, did you clean the negatives first or put the hard work in with an image editor?
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rascal houdi

I've got a new Epson V370 flatbed scanner with film scanning facility, very pleased with it.  Did a fair bit of reading up on it & the reviews were far more positive than the dedicated neg scanners, unless you're talking lots more money for a really good one.

I clean everything up in Photoshop.  There's a dust removal facility in the scanner software but it's a bit limited.  A fair few of the negs have scratches & other marks on them so I clone those out as well.  It is a lot of work, along with colour balancing, but worthwhile I think.  I've rescued quite a few that I initially thought were beyond saving.  I've also resurrected some shots that I originally would have ignored for one reason or another as Photoshop enables me to do certain things that I couldn't do via the normal print process many years ago.
There's only two Phil Spectors in this world...and I'm one of them! (Guy Stevens)


Is it this one?

Superb results for a piece of kit less than £100 if so.

I don't use Photoshop myself but the image manipulation software can work wonders these days - the GIMP even has a refocus plugin that can intelligently rescue slightly out-of-focus images.
Lies run sprints, but the truth runs marathons.