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Started by rascal houdi, March 01, 2014, 00:04:55 am

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Spirit of Rich

Was completely lost in time looking at these, many thanks for taking the time Mark, can't wait for the next batch  :)
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Fantastic! I was unfortunately born too late to appreciate these moments myself (I've always had bad timing) so I thank you for a great glimpse at gigs I could have gone to if I'd had the good sense to be born before 1984!
I especially liked the early Maiden Pics. Fantastic!
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Absolutely superb work Rasc, thanks for sharing  ;D

Rob Barchetta

Quote from: rascal houdi on March 03, 2014, 18:56:23 pm
No, I left school the year before, you stayed on.

That's right, my bad, they must have been re-sits  ::) :-[
Can't get enough of that long hair music...

rascal houdi

Quote from: Rob Barchetta on March 03, 2014, 14:33:12 pm

'quarter of a decade'  ---  quarter of a century, I think you mean!

Fixed. :)
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Saw a lot of those bands around that time, but not at those gigs. Fantastic photos Mark, thank you for publishing them, looking forward to seeing more, cheers  :D
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Amazing stuff, it was like reliving my youth. 8)


fantastic - trip down memory lane for some of those pics  8)
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rascal houdi

There's only two Phil Spectors in this world...and I'm one of them! (Guy Stevens)



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Not too shabby again.
Don't recall Lerxst's hair being that short in 1980 - but I did see them at Leeds Queen's Hall, so the lighting rig was onlt about three foot above the stage...
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Christ.  How old were you in 1980, if you don't mind me asking.

Anyone can take half decent pictures now with the kind of compacts that are available couple with expansive lightshows...but to have taken shots of this quality way back then is bloody impressive.

Very jealous that, at a time when I was listening to most of these bands, I was too young to have seen them...
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rascal houdi

I was 17 when l took that last lot, Hass.
There's only two Phil Spectors in this world...and I'm one of them! (Guy Stevens)


All the more impressive then.  Fantastic stuff.  Lookinf forward to viewing more!
Anger is a gift.