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Started by Dixkot, September 30, 2013, 11:50:06 am

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Quote from: pxr5 on February 09, 2020, 15:16:07 pmWatchmen (TV Series). Only 2 episodes in so far. Absolutely loving it. I have watched the movie, but don't recall too much about it, or the world that exists for Watchmen. But this TV show is totally out there and to be honest all a bit bonkers. I hope it keeps up in the current vein as the reviews aren't great. Good to see Don Johnson and Jeremy Irons hamming it up too. Great stuff so far.
There is the watchmen universe. Then there is all the politics about the actual wrting team which is very complicated. Which could be a couple of series in itself.
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We finished Watchmen. It was good as a whole, but I think it was a bit too ambitious as it got to the end. It would have been better to keep it simple. Enjoyed it though - but there isn't talk of a second series as yet.

At the moment, half way through Series 1 of True Detective. No idea why I left it so long as it is very, very good. I'll probably give series 2 and 3 a go as well, even though the reviews aren't as good as for the first.


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Quote from: Ali on February 01, 2020, 23:14:12 pmMight go up (and across) to the Sage or down (and across again!) to Leicester, we'll see 😀

Hass, definitely worth catching at the Sage - with a back catalogue as good as their's it's a no brainer 😉

Managed to swap the dvd with the other copy in the record shop and that plays fine 👍
Sage is a beautiful, fantastic venue - so definitely recommended for a visit!  Looking forward to the show...
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True Detective S01 done, now on to 2. 1 was excellent, but 2 has new actors, new setting. I like Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn, so hoping for good things.


OK, True Detective Series 2 now finished. At first I didn't like it at all, the first few episodes were confusing and all over the place. But about half way through, it got tighter and things started to become much more coherent, making for quite compulsive viewing. Colin Farrell was excellent and after a while Vince Vaughn I warmed to as well (in certain scenes he was calmly menacing). Rachel McAdams was very good too, as was Taylor Kitsch (him of John Carter fame). Looking back at both series I think I preferred the 2nd a little more than the first. Both definitely recommended - now on to Series 3.