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Keep your wallet very close ....Met a few people who had had their pockets picked.

Lovely city though
Mon the Jambos


Good call, pick pocketing is rife in Barcelona.
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Thanks for the suggestions and the link Bez - very useful, yes the Nou Camp stadium tour will be booked before we go :D

We are well aware of the crime in Barcelona from personal experience - we went many years ago before we were married sometime in the late 90's and were mugged on our way back to our hotel after an evening out. We were staying just off the Ramblas and were almost back at our hotel when 3 youths ran from behind us and yanked Maxine's bag from her shoulder, throwing her to the ground in the process. 2 youths made decoy runs but I clocked the one with the bag and gave chase (I was younger fitter and faster back then!) I was gaining on him as he ran down the myriad of alleyways but a light coating of drizzle on glass smooth well trodden pavings sent me going arse over tit landing heavily on my hip. Bruised and with my pride dented that I hadn't managed to catch the scroat I returned to find Maxine who was shaken but unharmed. They would have been very disappointed when opening her back to find nothing but makeup as I keep all the valuables. We reported it to the police who were worse than useless and treated us with disdain as if we were the criminals. We put it down to experience and we didn't let it spoil our trip or stop us returning but I will be even more vigilant this time around.
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I've been to Barcelona a couple of times in the past three years. From what I've read and heard, the city is a far safer place that it used to be and there is a definite police presence in the city centre.

My last visit was only last month and the main reason was to see Barcelona FC play. I had booked the trip, for my son and myself, last year, never imagining that Celtic would not only reach the CL group stages but be drawn against Barcelona. Anyway, we got fantastic seats and we're only a few yards from Messi and Suarez as they warmed up. It's a different experience watching Messi play from a few feet away than watching him from the back row at Celtic Park.

The highlight, for me if not my son, was La Sagrada Familia. I don't think I've ever seen anything quite as beautiful in my life.


Quote from: Neph on February 11, 2017, 02:29:52 am

The highlight, for me if not my son, was La Sagrada Familia. I don't think I've ever seen anything quite as beautiful in my life.

I'm going back when it's finished...
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Well, we didn't get mugged this time! ;D They seemed to have sorted this out particularly on the Ramblas where there was prominent police presence at regular intervals. We did all the main sight seeing on the open top tour bus which was great as we were blessed with excellent 21 degrees weather every day. My little man was very excited when we got to the Nou Camp for the match against Real Sociedad and although we were up in the clouds (almost) we had a fantastic view of the pitch. Luckily for him Barca won 3-2 and his idol Messi score a brace 8) For me, that little magician is without doubt the best player in the world.

Sagrada Familia was as expected amazing - we didn't go inside but even my boys were happy to stand and gaze at it from outside from every angle.

Only downside was the food - not impressed, very uninspiring and expensive but perhaps we just didn't choose the right places to eat. :-\
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I went there in 2006. Liked the Segrada Familia and Park G├╝ell especially.
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