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Started by Nick, June 09, 2013, 22:27:55 pm

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June 09, 2013, 22:27:55 pm Last Edit: June 09, 2013, 22:52:40 pm by Nick
After the deep 80's cuts we got on the CA tour and assuming they have 1 tour left, which  2 deep tracks would you choose to hear? No side long epics please.

Mine - Vapour trail and  Afterimage., although due to their emotional content i can't see them being played.
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Emotion Detector and Kid Gloves.
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Countdown and War Paint

Thailand Express

Chemistry & Here Again


Quote from: captainkurtz on June 09, 2013, 22:43:37 pm
Emotion Detector and Kid Gloves.

would be very happy with those 2, but to be slightly different I'll go Kid Gloves & Available Light
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Cinderella Man and Kid Gloves


In The End and Kid Gloves


Beneath, Between and Behind and Kid Gloves


Something for Nothing and Kid Gloves

I sense a consistent theme here :)


I've heard them play Something for Nothing I think

Emotion Detector and Open Secrets will do for me


Quote from: captainkurtz on June 09, 2013, 22:43:37 pm
Emotion Detector and Kid Gloves.

Funny was thinking of these two last week.  I'm sure they'd work great live too
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Emotion Detector and Lock & Key


Afterimage and Chemistry
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Garden Road & Here Again.
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Nulli Secundus

Vapor Trail and Fly By Night
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Quote from: captainkurtz on June 09, 2013, 22:43:37 pm
Emotion Detector and Kid Gloves.

Can't argue with that, instead of Big Money and Force Ten, would have been an immense start to the show......
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Emotion Detector and Chemistry

Emotion detector for:
- being the best song on Power Windows together with Grand Designs
- it has one of Alex's best solo ever
- it's the only song left from Power Windows that I haven't seen live

(Open Secrets, Prime Mover or Turn The Page would be great as well - to few from HYF this tour)

If I would choose a song from way back it would be Beneath, Between & Behind.
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Stuart B

Second Nature and Different Strings


A Farewell To Kings and kid Gloves
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