Which was your favourite UK show?

Started by zoony, May 31, 2013, 21:15:29 pm

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Which show did you most enjoy of the 5 on the UK leg of the CA tour?

2 (3.2%)
9 (14.5%)
9 (14.5%)
20 (32.3%)
22 (35.5%)

Total Members Voted: 62


Manchester. Geds side 7 rows back. Very subdued crowd, sound was very boomy in the first set, second set much better, enjoyed the show at the time however after attending a further 4 shows this was by far my least favourite. I will not use the word "worst" as I think it is not the right word to use.

London. 2nd row seat in the middle, first Rush show I have attended with my brother since 1979, fantastic show, good crowd, sound was brilliant.

Sheffield. 2nd row in front of Ged, for a half full arena I thought the atmosphere was fantastic, sound was brilliant, another fantastic show.

Glasgow. 4th row Geds side, the best crowd of the tour and again the sound was brilliant. The sound techs really earned their money  with that show in that metal shed, well done.

Berlin. Alex's side 2 rows back, a very good international crowd, lots of flags from different countries floating about, spoke with people who had came from Brisbane and Sweden before the show. Another solid performance and again could not fault the sound where I was sitting.

Overall the new stuff sounds better live than it does from the studio.The string section was a great addition, the band are as good now as they ever have been in my opinion, was a great tour.

If I had to choose a favourite It would have to be London by a whisker.

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Could only manage 2 gigs, Manchester was disappointing :( I'm afraid but thankfully Berlin obliterated it. 8)
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