UK Tour Review Thread - Setlist Spoilers in Here Please

Started by Bez, May 23, 2013, 09:39:07 am

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Quote from: Thailand Express on May 23, 2013, 22:39:50 pm
Were the prices hiked that much? (VIP nonsense apart).

The prices have gone up astronomically: my tickeet was 75 quid last night.  Admittedly they've got to pay an entire orchestra now (shades of ELP...), but still...


Just over two years to the date was the last time I saw Rush in Newcastle and that turned into the worst weekend of my life. Last night was about resetting the balance. It certainly did the job!

I could niggle about the sound (yes it was awful sometimes, pretty boomy and Ged's bass was pretty nonexistent for large chunks of the night, but I put that down to MEN having some very strange blind spots) and the fact the crowd was very sullen but I just didn't care. I was in block 105 and I was stood up throughout, dancing, singing and air guitaring/bassing/drumming/keyboarding like my life depended on it! I glanced at the setlist last year but had totally forgotten it so every song was a complete surprise. I couldn't believe we got 4 songs from Power Windows! Stand outs of the first set were Analog Kid and The Pass (I was in tears through that. Really moving) But that second set was astounding! So much to the extent I would have happily gone without Dreamline and YYZ and had them play Clockwork Angels in full. For me though the song of the night was Red Sector A. Exceptionally powerful stuff especially with the added strings. Also thought Peart's best solo was on the electric kit.

Wish I'd been able to get out of work earlier so I could meet some of you lot in the pub before, but nice to bump into Ron, Terry, ARH and Zedskin afterwards. And what's with all the fit women suddenly attending Rush gigs!?

Onwards to Sheffield where I believe I'm going to be next to Slim...
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We were in block 114 and had a decent view, but not where I expected (wanted) to be - but enough of the pre-sale ticket debacle  >:(
Most people near us were sitting down, and I have to admit we sat down most of the evening, but sitting twisted whilst trying to rock out is bad for the back. :o The was a woman near me ( and I apologise in advance if she is your significant other) with a "Osmonds" tour T -shirt on looking she was there under duress. There were a few females, looking like they "would be elsewhere if they could"
i would have stood up from the offset , but just got the wibes that there would be moaners.
There were some seriously miserable people near us and as previously mentioned the crowd was flat.  Mr Nance thinks that the setlist for the first section may have had an influence, because perhaps only hardcore fans would get it.  Perhaps 'people' dont go to hear  mid 80's stuff - their loss.
The new CA tracks  seemed just that, 'new' to the crowd near us and there was very little response.  A chap near me did a bit of whooping at the end of each track, and a few were standing on the ends on the rows. However I thoroughly enjoyed the CA tracks, esp Carnies and Headlong Flight.
The sound wasn't brilliant, I have certainly heard them much better at MEN, but that could be due to where we were siitting. And again already mentioned Geddy's bass dropped out completely on at least Red Sector A 

Nice to see the spotty dog putting in an appearance in the crowd :D

Bring on Birmingham.

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Quote from: Nance on May 23, 2013, 23:38:29 pm
There were a few females, looking like they "would be elsewhere if they could"

There was a girl in the front row centre section who came with her boyfriend who sat for most of the gig looking misreable.   :-\
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Quote from: AlexJ on May 24, 2013, 00:09:39 am
Now I may be wrong here or mis-remembering but I don't think Geddy played his bass during Red Sector A. After the drum solo, I looked across and definitely saw Geddy walk back on stage without his bass - a very unusual sight. I also noticed that he was stood at the keyboard without his bass for the whole song and I distinctly remember thinking I couldn't recall ever seeing that before.

I can back you up on that. I'm not sure if it was the whole song but he certainly started it without a bass.


I think geddy drops the bass for red sector and afterimage.

Anyway I was sat in the gods n the sound was too boomy.
Couldn't hear the snare at all, especially in the great red sector!
Great first set, waiting for the one and only body electric!
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'eddy doesn't carry or use the bass for Red Sector A - above link from 'race under pressure tour live video release

and this from r30
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And on the subject of that 80's tour that the vid came from:

The Spirit of Radio
The Body Electric
Fear (Parts I-III):
- The Enemy Within
- The Weapon
- Witch Hunt
New World Man
Between the Wheels
Red Barchetta
Distant Early Warning
Red Sector A
Closer To The Heart (extended instumental break first added Sept. 14)
Afterimage (replaced by Kid Gloves beginning Sept. 14)
2112 (Temples of Syrinx)
Tom Sawyer
Encore: Red Lenses (bass solo added beginning Oct. 18)
Drum Solo (moved to follow YYZ beginning Oct. 18)
Red Lenses
Vital Signs
Finding My Way
In The Mood

Pity the 'race under pressure tour never made it over here - with the exception of CTTH, this is sublime. Setlist from PowerWindowsnet
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Quote from: Summerland on May 24, 2013, 00:44:03 am
touche (with an accent on the 'e', I don't have that key either)

I'll début mine then :)
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Quote from: captainkurtz on May 24, 2013, 00:09:16 am
There was a girl in the front row centre section who came with her boyfriend who sat for most of the gig looking misreable.   :-\
A woman sat in front of me was bopping all night, in fact most of the females I noticed around me were enjoying the show. I think we were too high up for anyone to stand. You wouldn't want to suffer from vertigo that's for sure.


Quote from: Captain Ron on May 23, 2013, 17:35:48 pm
Arse, that was me, terry, replying. Ron must have logged in on my phone.
Thanks for the lift from the airport. See you guys in Birmingham :)



So, Manchester...

It was a really enjoyable evening (and afternoon, for that matter). No problems with the people around us. One guy was getting a bit twitchy during the second half and shouted out for 'Limelight' a few times. Bless.

For 3 guys in their late '50s/early '60s, the performance was superb. Geddy's voice was fine and it was good to hear that, on occasion, he went low and didn't try to struggle to reach his previous highs. How long they can carry playing for this amount of time for this long is another question though. Peart looked knackered and - after he'd done his first solo, gone back into 'Where's My Thing?' and played that big fill towards the end - the camera close-up showed him blowing his cheeks out. Never ever seen him do that before. Splitting the solo into 3 parts was a good idea. The third one was great - very Tangerine Dream in places.

As ever, the whole gig was well rehearsed but they did show that were human with a couple of noticeable (well, by me anyway) mistakes - firstly when Peart slowed down too early during the mid section of 'The Wreckers' and then when both him and Alex seemed to screw up the intro of 'Wish Them Well'. Ah, live music...

The glut of '80s material during the first set has been long overdue an airing. 'Grand Designs' and 'Middletown Dreams' at last!!! I must admit getting a tad emotional during the latter. Well, I had waited a very long time to hear one of my favourite songs live.

The Clockwork Angels set was really impressive. Top notch lighting with films to match. Fortunately there was not too much of the Rush 'humour' going on but why do they persist with those bloody films? The opener was OK as it was short, but the one before the second set - what the feck!!? We didn't stop for the last film. We'll probably stay on to watch it in Birmingham although I don't know if that'll be a good thing.

From where we were sitting (just in front of the mixing desk), the sound was pretty good throughout.

From there we also had a great view of 'the show'. The lighting and films were used quite sparingly during the first set (it almost served as a 'support set' to the Clockwork Angels half of the show) but some of the effects in the second set were really effective. Especially the rain effect with the lights during 'The Wreckers'.

So yeah, it was all really enjoyable and being able to take in the whole show from a distance put a different angle on my usual experience of  being close up at a Rush gig.

I'm doing that on Sunday though... ;D