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Started by Dixkot, May 12, 2013, 00:27:41 am

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rufus the dawg

My gym is closed from Sunday so no Squash. I play 8 hours a week so I need to do something or i'm going to go bananas. I can do my yoga at home and some basic squash movements and hit fitness, but....and....

...I will be cycling for at least a month. My GT Avalanche from the late 90s will be fed oil, slicks removed and replaced with Mtb tyres. And I had better find my helmet.

The hills are steep where I live so I will see how I get on. crikey
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Keep the slicks on, and enjoy the roads while they're relatively quiet! Let's hope they don't stop us. Welcome (back) to the cycling fraternity.

If you're not familiar with it already, have a look at - it's free to sign up. You can track your rides with the app on a phone and share them.

rufus the dawg

Quote from: Slim on March 21, 2020, 00:52:18 amKeep the slicks on, and enjoy the roads while they're relatively quiet! Let's hope they don't stop us. Welcome (back) to the cycling fraternity.

If you're not familiar with it already, have a look at - it's free to sign up. You can track your rides with the app on a phone and share them.
Yes I know about strava, a couple of my squash mates cycle and use it. One of my main squash friends is in MTB so I will meet up with him. I am worried about the roads around her because we have sharp corners and hidden dips in the roads. Plus also the pot holes in Shropshire although not in Powys. I will go out on my slicks though to give it a go.

I am looking forward to it with spring and warming the weather.
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Me too. I hope I won't be looking at long, warm, calm days through a window without being allowed to go out and ride around. I heard today that in France, they're currently allowed no more than 500m from their homes for exercise, or to go to the shops for food and essentials.

I suppose I could cycle to and from Tesco with a big backpack; that's about an 8 mile round trip.


And the French police are using Strava to find and fine offending cyclists !
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If we were only allowed out for shopping, my Tesco is only a mile away, I'd have to keep forgetting items - not that they have anything on the shelves anyway - and to get there I'd already have passed Sainsburys and Aldi.

Thankfully it was dry today. Thankfully we're still allowed out. Unthankfully it was still windy, except the wind had done a complete volte-face and was now, for the first time in seemingly months an Easterly. This allowed me to do my first 25 miles at an average of 15.1 mph as against 14.1 last week. Of course I paid for it on the way back, as it was back into the wind, but it felt good to go out that way with less hard work.

Plenty of fellow cyclists out on the road today and I have never seen so many do walkers - or people with binbags full of bogroll slung over their shoulders. Bastards. Anyhoo, in these days of self isolation I paid a visit to Eyam, to remember the people there isolating themselves after plague arrived there. It's grand in Derbyshire, so much history.

So, I managed another 50 miler, just shy of 55 and felt better for it than last week.
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Beautiful sunny day today, lovely weather except for low temperatures in the morning, and a moderate wind blowing from the east. Given the wind conditions I'd thought of going south, but instead I decided to head out east, and tick the final neighbouring county box for 2020. I felt that my mood was better suited to an easy, more familiar route.

I set off on the X at about 0925. The headwind on the way out east was annoying, but not a struggle. Got to Belvoir Castle and noticed a lot of cars in the car park there. Plenty of people sitting around having picnics on the benches, even though the cafe was closed, sometimes in groups of four or five. I wondered if they were from the same household.

Normally I'd stop at a pub, or a cafe or a shop but this time I'd brought enough stuff to keep myself fuelled for the whole trip, including a bottle of Mars Drink - which is just the job to keep you going on a long ride. It comes in a bottle with a bidon-style nozzle, unfortunately a bit slimmer than a bidon but I found that it stayed in the rear bottle cage. I do have an adjustable bottle cage actually, which would have been just the job. But I haven't fitted it to a bike yet. It will go on the Cannondale, probably.

This was the first ride for months that I managed to avoid any running or standing water completely.

Got to the border with Lincolnshire at Woolsthorpe (above), went over it for a bit then came straight back. Stopped at the bench at Eastwell on the way back, six miles later. Conditions had warmed up a bit and I removed my helmet cover and outer layer, and stuffed them into my backpack. I adjusted my hijab to tubular neckscarf mode. Very enjoyable ride on the way back with no headwind. Bright sunshine the whole way. Lovely.

I thought that this was the Woolsthorpe where Sir Isaac Newton was born, and where he was inspired by a falling apple. But apparently that Woolsthorpe is about 8 miles to the south-east of this one.

Pretty quiet out there in the main, but there were quite a few other cyclists on the roads.

The two Energizer AAs I popped in the DAB just before setting off lasted 7hr 40 mins before I switched it off, and I'd guess they still have an hour or so left in them.

That was my 7th Fondo this year; 76.35 miles, 393 this month. 1105 done in 2020 which means that I'm 545 ahead of this time last year. But for how long?


Nice day today. Still a bit of a brisk wind from the East. Plenty of old timers out, probably why even though I saw more cyclists than yesterday I have fewer Strava fly-bys.

It was my current usual Sunday ride, with a couple of extra triangles chucked in to make sure I got over 100 miles for the weekend in. I also got in enough elevation gain to reach the Strava climbing challenge for March.

I can't say the current situation has caused any diminution of traffic volumes on the roads. Roads to "destination" pubs are a bit quieter, but roads to walking areas in the Peak are busier.

I'm now 62 miles behind this time last year, but slightly ahead in elevation gain. Hopefully the extra climbing explains my slightly lower average speed, rather than me being a year more decrepit.
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March 23, 2020, 21:04:37 pm #3788 Last Edit: March 23, 2020, 21:21:05 pm by Slim
Normally I wouldn't go cycling the day after a long ride, but since it was a beautifully sunny day again, and since my knees didn't seem to be complaining today, I decided I'd go out for a spin on the S Works while I still can. Who knows if I'll still be allowed to a month, or even a week from now?

First thought as I set off, at about 16:25: What the Actual Smeg? The saddle seemed far too low, almost as if I was riding a kid's bike with my knees swinging up round my chin. I'd raised the saddle on the Boardmans (Boardmen?), the X, the Tricross and the hybrid, but hadn't bothered yet with the Cannondale or the S Works. And although the higher riding position felt odd at first, in the months since I last took the Spesh out, it has become the new normal.

I U-turned to the garage to made a quick and cautious adjustment. It's a carbon seat post but I don't think I over-tightened it; I didn't bother with a torque wrench. And I set off again.

What a joy it is to ride - zippy, effortless and refined. I wanted to be back by sunset and only wanted to do 15 or 20 in any case. I did a 'Truncated Twycross' with the left turn to cut across to Congerstone, then Barton. A bit of a cool headwind going east to Barton, but other than that pleasant and spring-like. It's weird though that there's so little traffic at that time of the afternoon.

A couple of other cyclists around, and quite a few joggers. I exchanged a smile or a friendly nod with most of them. A lad walking a dog near Bilstone looked a bit afraid when he saw me coming. Two geese in the road at Odstone were unhappy about something, just standing there and doing that odd squawky bark thing they do.

Back just on sunset. Nice run out.

The PM is making an address to the nation in 25 minutes as I type, which suggests to me that fairly Draconian measures are coming - given that he was prepared to announce closures to pubs and restaurants at a mere press conference. So I do wonder, not that it's the most important thing in the bigger picture, what restrictions affecting cycling might be about to come into force.

Anyway - 20.91, 414 this month.


One bit of outdoor exercise per day, which can include cycling. Time outside the house must be minimised.

Being as I'm now going to be working from home, might have to be a short daily spin avoiding roads with people. Don't want to end up like this Belgian pro out on a training ride:
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Well I've just rocked up to my PC to have a look at the devil in the detail, because the restrictions as described by the PM wouldn't actually make a difference to my cycling. And you're right, on P1 of the detailed guidance at:

.. it says:

"even when doing these activities, you should be minimising time spent outside of the home"

I think (hope) that Belgian incident was a one-off, ok these are unusual and trying times but still.

I'll have to think about how far I should go in terms of likely risks.


Don't want to go out on the roads? Don't own a turbo trainer?

This guy has the answer:


Got my daily exercise in for today. Went out for an hour, don't know how that shapes up to minimising time outdoors, but after a day working from home in a not very comfy chair and having to contend with the smell of bleach emanating from Mrs S's attempts to clear up some mould round the windows I needed to clear my head. 

Told her I'd do an hour, turned out to be 20s over. Went past a Police Car parked up in a bus-stop with its lights flashing. It had a "Stay Home" notice in the back window.
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Daily exercise done for today. A bit more than yesterday. Fewer people out walking their dogs and more, much more, traffic on the roads. I target roads which are quiet, but today I was having to stop at junctions where I rarely see traffic. Lots of cars parked up with single young male occupants in too. The local drug dealers I expect.
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Beautiful day. Bright sunshine and not much more than a breath of wind. I left work early to take up the Prime Minister's suggestion to suspend myself from house arrest and get a bit of exercise.

I took the S Works again, partly because I had so much fun with it on Monday and partly because I wanted to test the angular adjustment to the handlebars that I put into effect at lunchtime.

Quite a strange experience to be out on a bike in the present circumstances. I thought a simple Twycrosser was the best plan. I decided to do the longer detour that actually bypasses Twycross via Orton, but for reasons I can't particularly explain, I took the turn to Appleby Magna instead of Orton. I didn't actually realise I'd gone wrong until I was heading south out of Appleby. By this time I was heading to Austrey on a road I'd never been along before, which interestingly took me past some sort of transmitter tower that I'd often noticed from a distance.

From Austrey I followed a sign to Twycross. That was a rather nice stretch. The bit between Appleby and Austrey had involved a steep climb and descent, so I don't think I'll make it a regular feature.

Found myself on the A444 not long after taking the above pic. But today I didn't mind that at all, the traffic was very quiet. From Twycross I took a fairly typical route home through Sheepy, Sibson, Barton, Odstone et al. Came back home through Ibstock rather than Heather. Ibstock felt a bit more normal, with a few cars and vans running around.

Really a glorious run out in perfect cycling weather; the spring sunshine was almost warm. The first legs out day of the year is always a red letter occasion, though I dare say the tights will make a comeback soon. So nice to have summer bike weather back for a bit; the S Works rolls along beautifully. There's a twisty pair of curves following a fast descent coming north of Bosworth that's slightly hairy on the Boardman or the X, but on the S Works when you get down in the drops you go round like you're on rails.

I saw 8 or 9 other cyclists out, which made me feel a bit more comfortable riding around during what has been termed a "lockdown". But at no point was I in any danger of interacting with anyone in such a way as to make the transfer of an infection a realistic proposition, and I don't think I was putting myself at significant risk of hospitalisation.

Back a few minutes before sunset.

33.46, 448 this month.