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Started by Dixkot, May 12, 2013, 00:27:41 am

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Coming to the end of my 11 week "build Me Up" plan on Zwift, and tonight looks absolutely shocking.

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I'll be on Zwift myself tonight, no cycling for a week.


Being as I'd got the day off and being as the sun was out - eventually - I went out for a little ride. I was going to get the winter bike in shape, but the rear brake had seized up. GT85 freed it, but then the brake lever packed in working. Luckily, the weather's still dry enough for the good bike, so I cleaned up the chain and got it working flawlessly through all the gears.

It was flawless on the bike stand, but could I shift the front derailleur to shift to the large chain ring? Could I buggery. Luckily I'd planned on tackling a couple of Cat 3 climbs, but of course going up hill means coming back down and it's no fun spinning out on the small chainring. Before my first descent I stopped and lifted the chain up manually, and I managed to plod along using that until the Beeley hill climb, which I can only just manage on a 36 x 28. Then once up top the front derailleur worked! I didn't bother shifting down again - well it was a downhill run back home apart from a couple of short ramps.

Ah well, that's November underway with a 36 miler. Hopefully get another ride in tomorrow if I don't drink too much tonight - off to celebrate my old dad's 86th birthday, and I'm not paying!
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Quote from: Slim on November 01, 2018, 14:31:16 pm
I'll be on Zwift myself tonight, no cycling for a week.

I couldn't be bothered, as things turned out. Perhaps I should bring the turbo trainer and 2nd Boardman into the house. The trouble is getting it past security.
Anyway according to the weather forecast, temperatures are set to rise to a balmy 12 degrees tomorrow, and no rain. Breezy though. I shall attempt a 30 miler. Maybe I should do a 150 miler so the NHS have to replace my knees. I'll think about that.


Managed to get out for a 40 miler today. Front derailleur still playing up. One minute changing like a dream, next steadfastly refusing to shift, then working like a dream again. Bloody capricious thing. Maybe it's cold fingers.
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Quote from: Nïckslïkk2112 on November 02, 2018, 23:07:19 pm
Managed to get out for a 40 miler today. Front derailleur still playing up. One minute changing like a dream, next steadfastly refusing to shift, then working like a dream again. Bloody capricious thing. Maybe it's cold fingers.

Could be a sticky or frayed cable.
Went out to the garage earlier to lube the Boardman (again) and inflate its tyres to the desired spec. Seems a bit colder than advertised out there. Nonetheless, I shall attempt 30 miles.
Found a neat little Android app that lets you plan routes on the phone, rather than using uploaded routes. Called 'MapLocs'. I think it uses Google Maps, so if you have your route area downloaded as an offline map, there should be no dependency on an Internet connection while you're out and about.
Another mouse has gone to meet its maker in the garage. 13 now I think. I suppose I should find where they're getting in and seal it up. I suspect the eaves.


Well, an extremely slight tweak to the upper limit screw on the front derailleur appears to have solved my problems. Why it should have gone from working perfectly to not doing so in the blink of an eye I knoweth not. Mind with the wind today, I didn't really need the big chainring on the way out.
Thankfully, it wasn't as windy as they were forecasting yesterday, but still windy enough to knock 2mph off my average speed on the way out and not windy enough to make the speed up on the way back.
With the wind not being as bad as it could have been I went up to the Moors again. A bit of a struggle to get there, but great once up as the wind was at my back. I know it's all down to the wind, but it really makes you enjoy your cycling. :)
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Took the first Boardman for a Saturday spin down through Twycross. I planned a route with an unfamiliar element, flirting with Warwickshire without quite penetrating her, and taking in a long stretch of single track lanes between Witherley and Shenton. This worked out really well, very quiet but nicely surfaced and a bit of an adventure.

Had to switch cycling shoes just before I set off - my toenails apparently need trimming but my Shimanos were fine.

Blowy, as expected. But not too cold. Dry and intermittently sunny. Really nice. Right knee started to feel a bit tender after 17 miles or so but it doesn't seem too bad after the ride and I'm quite encouraged. Thought my fell-climbing antics of two weeks ago might have given me a setback, but apparently not.

I'm pretty sure I did that single track lane stretch between Witherley and Shenton a couple of years ago, then decided I'd make it a more frequent element of the Twycross route. But I didn't. Perhaps I'll remember this time. I stopped at a bench at a place called Atterton, and had a cheese & onion pasty. But I can't actually find Atterton on the map! It consists only of a farm and a couple of houses.

31.67 according to my Soleus watch but it lies, so I knocked off half a mile for the spreadsheet. That's the longest distance I've done since May, and the most fun I've had on a ride for quite some time.  Nothing quite like a run out on the bike on a Saturday with the footy on 5 Live for company.


Managed to snap a bottle cage on the Boardman, so I've treated myself to an aluminium one, branded 'Ibera'. 7 grams lighter than the plastic Zefal ones I usually favour. Possibly a bit more abrasive on the bidon when it's sliding in and out, though. I'll probably put it on the Cannondale anyway and swap one off there for the Boardman.


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Gone, but never forgotten: the phone box at Barton in the Beans; a familiar landmark from the later stage of the Twycross route. From here, 'twas a smidgeon less than six miles to home.

This image was taken from Google Street View, and captured in 2012. For the last couple of years the glass was fogged up with green algae.

Some of the phone boxes in the villages around here have been repurposed as defibrilator stations, or unmanned paperback libraries. This one simply vanished.


I cycled through Barton in the Beans on Saturday, albeit the outskirts past some big dairy farm that smelled of poo
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Ah you've been in my neck of the woods again have you Jonners? Let's have a look ..

Yep you passed the site of that phone box, on your right, on the 34.8 mile mark.

In fact later the same day, I did the same 13 miles as you from when you turned onto Ratcliffe Lane (23.9 miles into your ride) to when you passed Newton Rd after 36.9. That stretch between Witherley and Bosworth is especially nice, isn't it?

And yes, that farm at Barton really honks.


Had a couple of days off for King Crimson watching and managed a nice 45 miler yesterday, even though a closed road - a major feature of yesterday - stopped me doing what I wanted to do. Came across Harry Tanfield - winner of Stage one of the 2018 Tour de Yorkshire - and his mates who did a "gentle" five hour ride of 92 miles out into the Peaks.
Got the winter bike back from its service yesterday - new chain and rear cassette required - bit miffed about the chain as it had only done 1,800 miles, normally get 3,000 from one, but it  had been out in some filthy weather. Rear cassette had done 9,000 miles though, so was due. I did mean to take it out for a spin today, but once I'd done some jobs for my old father, the weather was just too filthy. It's clearing now, but it's school run time and I'm off out to see KC and the Misery Band again in a bit.
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On Monday night, I performed a bidon weight audit.

Results are as follows.

From left to right:

Elite Speeddrink 500ml : 90g
SMASH 700ml : 99g
Zefal 'Magnum' 1000ml : 99g
SIS 700ml : 92g
HIGH 5 700ml : 83g
Tesco pink 500ml : 59g

So the ubiquitous HIGH 5 bidon, quite often seen adorning bikes around these parts has an excellent volume : unfilled weight ratio. It's also highly translucent so you can see the fluid level at a glance.

The 'Speeddrink' is a well-made item of decent quality and a stylish design, but relatively heavy for its capacity. Nonetheless it's an ethical choice as the plastic it's made of is based on corn oil, and allegedly it will bio-degrade eventually.

A personal favourite of mine is the SMASH bidon. I bought it on impulse at Tesco for £3. While it doesn't colour-coordinate well with any of my bikes, it does have a very easy nozzle action, despite being decently watertight.

The pink one isn't really a cycling bidon, but it does work. I think that was an impulse buy as well.

My personal choice for a long ride though is to use Lucozade Sport in its original bottle - I find that it can be held securely in most bottle cages, it's easy to use while riding, it can be refilled if necessary and the bottle itself is probably less than 55g in weight.

I had a really natty green bidon that was a pretty close colour match with the Planet X - no idea what's happened to it. I must have left it on a bench somewhere.


Thanks for the analysis good stuff. High 5 for me.

I must warn against " Fabric" brand bidons.  I thought they would be a good idea as they have no need for a cage they just have a plastic moulding that attaches to the frame lugs. I did two sportives with them and lost a bidon on each after going over rough roads. In both cases the bidons punctured on impact with the ground.
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