Rally or F1?

Started by Biscuit_Boy, July 20, 2002, 22:21:27 pm

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Well, what do you prefer? Your opinions please ;D


F1. I am not a big motorsports fan, but I like the F1 season (even with Ferrari being as dominating as this season).
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I must admit that F1 is my first love and (I think) gives the better spectacle and has more of an 'event' feel to it. That said I find the 'driving against the clock' aspect of rallying very appealing.

Chris Quartly

I enjoy watching Rallies, it seems more skilled to me. It's not a case of the best car wins as "anything can happen" in Rally.
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I love watching the Kenya rally that's mental :-)


Oh Yeah, Kenya was probably the most extreme rally i've seen in a long time. The sandd flying out underneath the cars was awesome.