Amsterdam Rollcall 2013

Started by mwoody, May 08, 2013, 00:01:56 am

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Ok folks, so who's going? and when do you arrive and leave? So we can sort out a few beer days.

I'm there with 3 mates from 1pm on Friday 31st till Monday 3rd Fly home at 9pm



Sat early.... too early and leave late on Monday, Casa 400 hotel


We're there from Friday morning to Tuesday morning....plan on doing the touristy thing as we not been to Amsterdam before.

Spirit of Rich

Me and Helen are there from early Friday morning, flying back Monday morning.
You know how that rabbit feels........


Arriving Sat early afteenoon, leaving monday.
Everybody's got to evalate from the norm.


Arrive early evening sat, depart Monday late aft.
As yet not booked hotel
Experience to extremes


The casa 400 looks good, 138 euros for two nights
Experience to extremes


For all those who are there from Friday afternoon, you may fancy joining us at this amazing location for a few beers from about 3pm.

Mrs Japes

We're in the Casa 400. Looks like a nice hotel and part way between the Ziggo Dome and the centre  :D


Getting to Dam mid to late Sat afternoon.

Leaving Monday late am.

Driving so staying at the Campanile Gaasperplast. Outskirts of Dam but free parking and Metro 5 min walk away. 20 mins to Dam Central stn. Allegedly 5 min drive from the Ziggo.

Up for a meet in Dam Sat night or Sun afternoon.

Can't see it'll be like Rotterdam with a bar close by?


A quick in and out for me, arrive Sunday afternoon, leave Monday morning. Still to book a hotel though.


11am gatwick sat .Aalborg hotel leaving mon late afternoon .


Arriving around noon Fri, leaving Monday afternoon

I am traveling with 4 mates

Getting excited now  8)

Are the Dutchies going to set up a pre-gig meet-up on Sunday I wonder.
"Information does not kill you" - FZ


Casa400 booked!
Plz let on if you see me!
Experience to extremes

Mrs Japes

We will - although its one of those things where you spend ages peering at someone wondering if it is who you think it is!!  Make sure you wear a Rush t-shirt!!!