Started by zoony, July 23, 2012, 13:58:14 pm

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Not quite sure how I feel about it....

Alexander Arnold & Mount barely touched the ball in the first half and we were lucky to get a VERY dubious penalty when Henderson forgot he was supoposed to be a man and fell over...

Rice & McGuire gave the ball away a frightening number of times and Dier was woefull.

I thought that Walker had a decent game, although he was also guity of poor distribution. Trippier did OK, but calling him a "soldier" was overly generous.

We were better in the second half, but if that was a match between two of the top teams in the world the game is in poor shape.

What annoyed me mmore than anything was the number of times we were "pressed" back to the keeper who then hoofed the ball back up the pitch. Our defenders have no confidence / ability on the ball.

Flattering result which will only cause hopes to be raised. We're not nearly as good as hyped....
RC1.1 abd g/n 11/0/bcd/tG PeW/- ~600 x 0 61%


RC1.1 abd g/n 11/0/bcd/tG PeW/- ~600 x 0 61%


Pretty obvious what action needs taking, but appearing for England as a player from one of the Big 4 seems to confer some kind of immunity to being dropped - no matter how bad the performances.
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