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Quote from: mickpaz2112 on May 21, 2012, 20:17:33 pm
Wasn't Pinkpop 1979.

You are of course right there. I saw that info on the Sweden Rock site before I posted here. I see that they now have corrected the poster on the site with correct info (the wrong one is still up on Rush is a Band though)
2004-Glasgow SECC
2004-Globe Arena Row 1 (Lerxst)
2007-Glasgow SECC Row 2
2007-Newcastle Row 1 (Geddy)
2007-Sheffield Row 11
2007-Oslo Row 14
2007-Globe Arena Row 3 (Lerxst)
2011-Globe Arena Row 1 (Lerxst)
2011-Malmö Row 6
2011-Dublin Standing
2011-Glasgow Row 1 (Lerxst)


Sweden Rock is a really good festival, at least when I was there 2007

I don't think Rush really fit in there though, so I'd rather see them in The Globe....but I'll probably head down to Sweden Rock anyway. :-)

But Hey!! - They might get some new fans that never would have gone to an ordinary Rush show. 8-)


Quote from: Pudders on May 21, 2012, 13:40:24 pm
They have been droping hints for two years that they hoped to do European Festivals Rob so no surprise to me - think they may do more yet. As far as I know there are plans for High Voltage in 2013 - though how firm they are I have no idea........wouldn't be surprised to see them headline there, though it's a July date so maybe it will be stretching their time over here to make that?


Maybe this is a tester for the band to see how they feel about European festivals and they'll do High Voltage in 2014?

Isn't Download in June?


Quote from: Lyth on May 23, 2012, 15:31:37 pm

Isn't Download in June?

R40?  Could be a winner.
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