The Richard Dawkins Thread 2

Started by Andy42g, May 01, 2012, 13:35:23 pm

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Quote from: AlexJ on November 01, 2012, 00:17:08 am
Was there ever any suggestion that psychic powers as claimed by the people concerned in this article was a religious experience? Just wondering why you chose to post this in this thread..... :-\

Richard Dawkins' foundation is for "Reason & Science".  That would cover all fantastical claims that are found wanting under scrutiny.
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As an interesting aside whilst I do not see any real evidence for psychic abilities I do not rule out the possibility that certain individuals may be able to use their brains passively in some strange fashion to sense something electromagnetic in their surroundings. The brain is after all an electrical device that generates a small but measurable electromagnetic field and maybe even radio waves. It's not beyond the realms of reason and study that something biological could be going on to give some people an undocumented sense of some sort and this may be more sensitive in some individuals than others. Long way from a force choke though, if anything at all. Interesting to think about though. Throw in quantum twinning and you may also have an interesting possibility for long distance interaction.
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Quote from: AlexJ on November 01, 2012, 00:22:26 am
I read that article and whilst I have equal contempt for all parties quoted, I tend to agree with Ms Putt in that this experiment proves nothing. It is a prime example of the worst type of smug quack skeptic science IMO.

:o These people are fleecing money out of others with claims that they can read minds etc.  It's all a sham - and this scientific test goes a long way to prove it. Of course Ms Putt is going to say it proves nothing. Just like when the religious make some fantastical claim which is proved to be bollocks, and they then say "well, it's god and he's beyond science." If she's claimed to be psychic and sat through an experiment and it shows she's not psychic what does she do? Admit she's a fraud (even to herself - she's maybe convinced herself she can actually read minds) and pack in her lucrative "career" or shrug off the criticism and carry on regardless because there's always someone ignorant/desperate/naive enough out there to be taken in? Religion has taken the latter approach for centuries
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