5 page article in new Mojo (June)

Started by 26thApril, April 24, 2012, 13:31:36 pm

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My favourite music monthly Mojo (Beach Boys cover) has a 7 page spread on Rush (5 of text, double page photo introduction)....just glanced at it doesn't seem to be much more than a key event recollection of their career so far....although all three appeared to have been interviewed for it.

A few of the photos I haven't seen before.

How times have changed I remember that time Sounds promised the Rush interview (Signals era?) every week for about a month......and I was so frustrated..... :D
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June? It's not ever 26th April yet..... ;)


Hmm. Its ok.

It appears the writer has interviewed both Geddy and Neil very recently but there is very little actual interview in it.

Still, typical classy mojo writing - no cynicism or sarcasm.

Would have been nice to have them on the cover - The Beach Boys have adorned it about a squillion times.
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Bought it yesterday. Nice to see them featured in Mojo, but the article appears to be aimed towards those who know very little about the band, and certainly those who haven't seen BTLS.
Concentrates most on their 70s career, but then the reasoning behind the feature appears to be the fact it's the year 2012.
There were a couple of tidbits in there that were new to me which is always nice :)   


The 'feature' was written by someone who was tols to watch BTLS and and write something.
Nothing new and don't get how there was any new interviews (although a reference to one was made)
As with BTLS it went to Signals and jumped to the Prof's troubles and then VT. Even the photos were off BTLS.
But at least they had a big featuer in a modern rag so thumbs up.


Just bought it.
Rush, Beach Boys and PiL? Rude not to.
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It's a decent article for the non-fan who might be interested in the band. Paul Elliot has been around for years, he's written for Sounds, Kerrang and Classic Rock, including a few Rush reviews and articles. I've got a scan of an article he wrote for Kerrang on the RTB tour back in 1992.