Clockwork Angels Tour 2012/13

Started by Neilyyz, April 14, 2012, 16:06:38 pm

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So there you have it in plain English. At the end of the press release on the Rush website for the forthcoming album it states that details of a full scale North American tour will be announced shortly.
Start packing your bags if you want to see Rush this year.


Im hoping I can coincide a holiday in Vancouver with the CA tour....going to Canada anyway ....finally....after nearly 40 years of will happen! ....oh yes it will happen!


Ill be going somewhere or other
I'll try and behave . Promise

The Doctor 2

How much will they hammer us this time?
It's not a different Doctor


Very expensive for the NA dates, I'd imagine.
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And rumour has it that they will all be indoor dates, so no option of cheap seats on the lawn.
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Captain Ron

The vortex on the new album cover is similar to what I envisage will happen to our bank balance when this kicks off.
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We will moan about the price, but we will still buy the tickets.


I'd have to see the setlist before i commit these days which is really sad to say.

Have been over the pond twice and followed them since 81.

70/ 80 quid is becoming a joke in the current climate IMO.
and for a band that hates touring europe they appear to be following the golden cow??


Id be interested to see what they charge if they play Europe again.  £80.00?
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Weve all seen and enjoyed the production (some of us more/less  than others) but who really cares about that side of it? Given the choice Im confident most punters would  rather stand and be closer to the stage  gladly have a bog standard back drop and some decent lighting, drop the videos  and pay £45 and maybe spend a bit more on merch or another gig.

Captain Ron

They're expensive these days for sure but I can genuinely say they have always given me good value for my money with their shows. How many I will be able to attend however is definitely an issue with Rush shows.
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Well money is definitely an object with me these days.  I would love to see them at least twice this time around (just Dublin last time), but all depends on what they milk us for (assuming they do Europe of course - I certainly can't afford to go over the pond).
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gave the last tour a miss as i thought £75 was just too much plus a setlist i wasn't too enamoured with.. depending on how the new album is and what setlist they come up with..i'll hold for now... Mrs F has stated she has absolutely no interest in going so if nothing else it could be a good excuse to get a few beers in if nothing else...
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Think I will out of habit, plus I do genuinely think this will be it.

By the time they have done a US tour, then a break, then another US tour when they change 2 songs, it will be about 2014

At that point, they will officially be old men
The new songs are an abomination