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Started by gcp, March 22, 2012, 12:21:31 pm

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hi guys, after really getting sick of a life in IT, I took the plunge and bought into a Travel Agency franchise, the main reason is I can now organise my own trips to the states to see the lads.
anyhoo, in a blatant pitch, not only to help organise any Stateside trips for the forthcoming tour, but any leisure or business travel give me a call, you never know where our conversation will take you.

0845 0587653

(apologies if this is in the wrong thread)


Graham, I've stickied this to keep it prominent, and good luck with your new venture.


Looks much more interesting than IT - good luck
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Have you got any cheep deals on cross channel ferries by any chance?
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dunno about cheap, but will do my best, give me some dates to work on


if the dates floating around are to be believed, I can recommend Jiffy Lube at Bairstow on Sept 9th (which must get the award for the best ever named Arena), and the Consol Energy Center Pittsburgh on the 11th. I did both those gigs on the last tour and the travel was easy.
Fly into Washington Dulles, and the Sheraton Mannasas is about 15 mins from the airport and about 10 from Bairstow Jiffy Lube Arena. We had a drive out in the afternoon, and listened to the soundcheck. Lots of fans use the hotel as it is ideally placed, and more importantly (will it did when we there there) had guest ales supplied by local breweries served 2 PINT GLASSES.
The drive across to Pittsburgh is easy and uneventful, we went a little off track to go see the Flight 93 Memorial.
The Arena in Pittsbugh is city centre, with many business opening up their lots for event parking, so getting away after the gig was easy.
I just check the flights and from LHR they are around £525 direct, and from Newcastle are £640
If you need any more info, let me know.

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Has anybody used this service then?


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