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Started by Slim, January 17, 2004, 23:22:47 pm

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So what do you think of this one, chaps & chapesses?  By the way I've tried to improve the voting options to remove some of the ambiguity around the last two options.

Lies run sprints, but the truth runs marathons.

Analog RH


one of the reasons why i love RUSH.Loved it since 1978 and will love it for evermore.

An absolute classic

I'd love to hear it on the tour
Some people say they've seen angels,
I've seen United,
That's enough.


QuoteMan, I really like it.
The lyrics, the melod, the rhytm are amazing.
The best part is:
"Some who did not fight
Brought tales of old to light.
My Rocinante' sailed by night
On her final flight.
To the heart of Cygnus' fearsome force
We set our course.
Spiralled through that timeless space
To this immortal place."
It is pure rock
Lies run sprints, but the truth runs marathons.



No probs, mate.  If you feel differently about Cygnus X-1 than you do about Hemispheres, you can use the 'remove vote' option and vote again, should you wish to.

Lies run sprints, but the truth runs marathons.


Good tune that would be better if it was a little shorter.


January 18, 2004, 01:13:32 am #7 Last Edit: January 18, 2004, 22:54:37 pm by Sary
Oh dear, Cygnus part one... I'm going on my (very short ::)) Rush memory lane here: bought AFTK as my fifth Rush record last October or early November. Other fans were recommending it and since I loved Book II, they assumed I would be absolutely thrilled with the first episode.

Well, I wasn't. ;D The first time I heard it, I thought what IS this?! Rush at their proggiest and weirdest? LOL But of course, I still listened to it, not wanting to skip things in case it might grow on me eventually.

And indeed, I actually DO enjoy listening to this one nowadays. I know it's pretty much all those things Slim will eventually slate it for (poor, Cygnus, there will be no mercy when he gets on with it...


QuoteGood tune that would be better if it was a little shorter.

Agreed -the first chapter could be scrapped all together.  ;)


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I love it.  An absolute Rush classic.  

The heaviness, the sci-fi-ness, the screaming.  Cygnus blew my mind the very first time I heard it and I haven't listened to music the same way since.

Tom Garrett

i like it, but it"s not among my favourites.
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rascal houdi

Like it, wouldn't go as far as to say I love it. I love certain bits of it though.

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