Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down? - Carve Away The Stone

Started by Reg, January 14, 2004, 19:29:30 pm

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Those of you that have been around for a while know my views on this.

Those of you that don't, well I think that this is the worst thing that Rush have ever done - without exception.  That they could put this out for public consumption defies (my) belief.  

Some of T4E is pretty darned good, but this hits rock bottom - a hastily cobbled together collection of cutting room floor snippets - and that's where they should have stayed.

That's in my humble opinion of course, as a listener rather than a musician.
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I'm with you Reg.

Hate is too strong a word, but I certainly wouldn't choose to listen to it.
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As You all know by now - I really like this of the best songs on "TFE"...the best Rush-album of the 90's... 8) 8)


I totally agree with Fuzz.  After Roll The Bones and Corporatepants it was such a pleasure to hear Rush making music like Carve Away The Stone.  It's not the strongest track on Test For Echo but it knocks spots off anything from the previous two albums.  It's enjoyable.  A spirited toe-tapping rocker with a hint of the inspiration and imagination which made us love Rush in the first place, all those years ago.

I think I'll give it a spin!  Pass the air guitar.



I can't really say why I like it but I do.  :D

QuoteTFE also includes some of Neil's best work...awesome drumming on that album
I was watching A Work In Progress the other day and was struck how much funkier Neil's drum parts sounded on their own. He was really groovin' on that record.  8)


Carve away the zzzzzzzzzzztone    :P

Borrrrring, bland and soporific and it sounds like Ged's half asleep as he sings it. :-/

Analog RH

I'm with Reg on this - Carve Away The Shit indeed. Along with Color of Right, Totem and Dog Turd one of four absolute barrell-scrapers on Test For Echo (their worst album? Quite possibly).

rascal houdi

Thumbs down for this one. Bit of a nothing song, rubbish chorus. Don't actually despise it so I went for option 4.
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I like cats... And I like CATS too. It certainly isn't one of my favourites but it's one of the better tracks on T4E.



After listening to TFE for the first time with dissapointment i kept holding out for the next track to rescue the album. When i heards CATS it was a supreme moment of sadness that not only was the track not the knight in shining armour i was waiting for but the worst track on the album and that the poor album ended on a truly duff note.

TFE - file alongside Roll the bones.

The difference in vitality between the closing track on TFE and the opening track on VT is clear for all to hear. (Not intended as Slim bait)
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QuoteThe difference in vitality between the closing track on TFE and the opening track on VT is clear for all to hear. (Not intended as Slim bait)


I couldn't agree more, except of course for me the difference works the other way round :)

Chris Quartly

It really amazes me how people slate this and then say they love Out of the Cradle. Mindboggling  :o

I really like CATS, it's a bit of a fun rocker no more no less  8) playlist of previous 7 days:<br /><br /><br />Q's Comps<br /><br />Some Other Suckers Parade