Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down? - Dog Years

Started by Dave_Pierce, January 09, 2004, 22:04:51 pm

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Since T4E is my least liked & therefore least listened to Rush album, I've had to refresh my memory of this particular delight.


Hard to accept it's the same band that wrote Subdivisions, Territories, Red Barchetta, Animate, Xanadu, Free Will, Dreamline, Anthem, The Trees, Prime Mover. Even What You're Doing.

I find myself wondering about the nature of the relationships between the band members. What, I wonder, would have prevented Geddy from responding to Peart: "You want me to sing that?? Oh, come on."

But I suppose the same goes for the (total absence of) musical ideas: "If you expect me to play this kind of vacuous, drooling pub-rock, then you'll sing whatever smug, trite, obvious, cringeworthy bunch of lame puns I tell you to sing. Or get a drumstick up your arse. Sideways."

It's doubtless a testament to something or other that a "song" as bereft of any inspiration as this could be stretched out to nearly 5 minutes, but pehaps the real skill was in making them seem like 20.

I can't really comment on how well it stands up in the context of the album - I tend to find that after trying to stay conscious through Test For A Pulse and Drivel, with the knowledge that I have both this song and Virtuality to look forward to, I prefer to sit quietly and stab myself repeatedly in the eyes with a fork.

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Shear poetry Bassassin! I could not have put it better myself. :)



Dog Years.....hmm...must be one of the worst lyrics Peart has written....along with the chorus from "Virtuality".. :P


QuoteAlways liked it,one of my favourites on T4E.
It's hard to take it apart and analyze why,it just works for me.It's typical RUSH, a cracking tune, operating on different levels/themes.The lyrics deal with
Mortality,Basic Instincts("Hydrant"-Signals reference?),Time,Striving for"Higher Levels",Neils wordplay is there,"Sirius".All laced with a large dose of humour and tongues firmly in cheeks(check out the band photo's on facing page!)
But Hey,That's just what I think!
Would'nt it be boring if we all thought the same?("WE ARE THE PRIESTS........")

What he said!

Surely it's by doing songs like this (experimenting with different genres - Alex himself thinks it's "kinda punky") that makes Rush a truely progressive band.  And it's proof if proof be need be that they rock harder than most new wave punk/metal bands. ::)