Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down? - Cut to the Chase

Started by Dave_Pierce, January 05, 2004, 21:10:17 pm

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Good but not great. I love the Hammond organ in it, they should have used this more as it would have suit the album.
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I too, love the Hammond organ segment.  I think I voted for this as best track on Counterparts.  But classic, it ain't.
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Nicola B

Have been listening to Counterparts a lot recently and I definitely think its one of the best on it. Not sure if there is a bad track on any Rush album, its like beer, no bad ones, some are just much better than others. Could make an exception to the rule for Speed of Love though....
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rascal houdi

Thumbs up for this one. One of the better things on CP so I've it the 'really like it but not a classic' vote.
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Dave Brenchley

"I like it but it's not one of my faves"

Voted for the above option and then gave it a spin just to make sure. It was actually better than expected. I was most struck by how good it sounded. This, I think, is easily the best recorded of the post ASoH albums - I love the really dry vocal sound.

Back to CTTC, one thing I have never liked is the "cut" section where everything flashes from one side to the other. A bit too gimmicky for my taste...
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QuoteBack to CTTC, one thing I have never liked is the "cut" section where everything flashes from one side to the other. A bit too gimmicky for my taste...
Funny, that's one part that I've always thought sounded very cool and still do to this day! Oh well....  :-/

Tom Garrett

QuoteI like it but it's not one of my favourites.

My favourite from the album is "Cold Fire".
same here, but everyday glory is my fav.
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Quote...everyday glory is my fav.
I'm sure this song will make an appearance on another episode of "Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down"!!


Thumbs up definitely. This is my favourite song from Counterparts, and has been since I first heard the album. I would love if Rush played it live on their upcoming tour(?). The solo section is superb. I love this song. It's like Dog Years for me. A really underrated song with much musical prowess.



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Definite thumbs up from the Japester here. Like the album as a whole ( see other threads) and Cut To The Chase is one of the highlights which i'd love to hear live as well - has it ever been played live?


Quotehas it ever been played live?

Nope, not yet.



Its in the 'I like it but its not a classic' section for me. Nuff said!

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I'm one of the bilge drinkers that actually likes Speed of Love! Are there any others out there? In fact I probably prefer it to CTTC which in all honesty is one of my least favourites on CP. I enjoyed it initially mainly due to the extreme heaviness, but I now find the main riff quite monotonous and repetitive.


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