Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down? - Out of the Cradle

Started by Dave_Pierce, January 13, 2004, 01:49:40 am

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This was the first track on the album that really caught my attention, and after all this time I still think it is one of the better tracks. It's one of the few that is well defined and focused, if a bit repetitious. It also dosen't suffer from Alex's 10,000 guitars sound and has one of the finest rideouts ever recorded by this band.


Its kak.. end of story.

Monotonous filler material which should have no place on a Rush album.
Ach, if Dougie were here, he'd tell you himself....


QuoteI really like this track & went for option 2.

I think it would have worked well in the live set but I realise I'm very likely to be a minority of one.

i'm with you mate... i really like  ;D
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Out of the Cradle has grown on me more than perhaps any other Rush track.

The Letter R

I like it - I find it is a very uplifting song and also if you have read Ghost Rider to me it almost becomes the cheerful ending the book had and kinda shows a re-birth, a new hope... - I may have got the complete wrong end of the stick here but what the hell - I like it - you can Rock out to it and feel good so it gets the "R" "It's a Classic" stamp from me ;D

Chris Quartly

I'm not overly fussed about it at all, I think it's the only track on VT that I don't love to bits. It just seems a bit flat to me. playlist of previous 7 days:<br /><br /><br />Q's Comps<br /><br />Some Other Suckers Parade


Not one of the better songs from VT, IMO... :-/


Graham K

'I like it but it's not one of my faves.'

A nice optimistic end to the album, and the drumming on the outro rescues it from musical mediocrity for me.
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I really like it, simply for the energy, it's great on headphones while walking to work in the morning. The bass sounds great, though I have my doubts about multitracking bass in general (too much of a good thing). It sounds like a soundcheck jam turned into a song, not a bad thing if done well, as it is here...

Dave Brenchley

It's pretty cheesy, but I do kind of like it....

I actually love the line "Surge of energy, Spark of inspiration" but sadly the song itself is found lacking in both departments.
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Thailand Express

Not my favourite on VT, but not my least favourite either - (that honour goes to OLV which not surprisingly is the only song without a vote in the VT poll). But the strength of the album means it's probably the best Rush album closer since Mystic Rhythms (not a lot of competition I'm sure you'll agree). Anyway it's a good little number: playful intro, nice guitar jangles, sweeping chorus, funky guitar break, feedback finish. Basically it rocks, with the exception of the slow middle section which is a bit naff.

Tom Garrett

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i opted for 3, and yyz did a cracking version of the song at the eucon. 8)
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Dave Brenchley

Quotei opted for 3, and yyz did a cracking version of the song at the eucon. 8)

Did they?? I honestly have no recollection of that.....  :P
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It's probably the only Rush song I truly dislike and I always skip it when listening to VT. There's no cool riff, no catchy melody, no hook. Nothing stands out about it. It just drones on and on and goes nowhere. And that whiny guitar part in the beginning really grates on my nerves.

It's absolute pants, so there!