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Started by Dave_Pierce, January 07, 2004, 02:28:32 am

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Today's little ditty comes to us courtesy of the Rupert Hine butchered, err.. produced album Presto.

Let the dogs out!  :D


Thumbs so far down there's no place to go but up....  :P

IMHO, this song ranks as one of THE lowest musical points in an otherwise stellar career.  :'(

Believe me, I've TRIED to like it. I've listened to it dozens of times hoping it would catch somehow, but unfortunately it has the distinction of being utter pants!  :(


It's not a song that I skip if/when I'm listening to Presto but it's probably one when my mind drifts to other matters, mainly a naked Halle Berry.
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"I like it but it's not one of my faves"

Nothing special, but not bad either. One of the better songs on Presto.


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I like it - it's a good song with a great chorus, and an accomplished, imaginative, polished production.  Not one of my favourites, but good music without a doubt.  Lovely.

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While I can't match The Analog Parent for committment I am definitely in the pro-Presto camp and I have always liked this song a lot.


Not a classic, but very good nonetheless.  The chorus is the best bit of the song - stunning.
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With Slim on this one. The lyrics also work well, i can't see anything much to dislike about this.

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I like it but it's not one of my faves. In Presto there are a couple of songs I usually skip, but this is not one of them. But I wouldn't consider this a classic either.

rascal houdi

I like it but it's not one of my faves.

Pretty decent track, fits in with the rest of the album quite nicely without being earth-shattering.
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To me it's a typical Rush song in that it catches up to you unawares!

I ended up humming bits of the tune & reciting parts of the lyrics before I realised what song it was, then before I knew it I was hooked.

Not top drawer, but a really good song.


not a classic but i really like it... nuff said.
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It's a classic from an era that spanned one album, but in the grand scheme of things it's probably just over the border into choice 2 (but only just!)