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Started by Analog RH, December 20, 2003, 22:14:18 pm

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Analog RH

IMHO Rush have yet to make the definitive compilation album, for either newbies or fanatics.

Of those released thus far, which is the best?

(I deliberately haven't included Archives or 1984's Venezuela-only Anthology)


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Contributors to this thread might find this page quite handy - track lists for all the compilations are available by clicking the appropriate link to the right.

The Spirit Of Radio is fatally flawed by a failure to include sufficient material from Caress Of Steel or Hemispheres.

Retrospectives I & II are really two halves.  In my view, neither can be considered an excellent, definitive compilation in its own right, due to absence of material from the period to which the other is dedicated.

Chronicles wins it hands-down really, but then it's a 2CD set.
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I went for Chronicles as it's a 2cd set that represents Rush's earlier era very well. I've got Rush through time somewhere on vinyl but can't recall what's on it and I haven't bothered with the others.


I went for Chronicles, but if someone wanted a 1 CD compliation, I'd go for Spirit.

rascal houdi

Don't own any of them, bit pointless when you've got all the individual albums, but looking at the track listings I'd say Chronicles is the most complete bar the curious omission of Xanadu.
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I voted for "Chronicles", but to be honest I don't like compilation albums at all....They never seem to include the songs I[/b] like.....

The best compilations are made by myself....They include all my favourite songs... 8) ;D

Analog RH

QuoteDon't own any of them, bit pointless when you've got all the individual albums, but looking at the track listings I'd say Chronicles is the most complete bar the curious omission of Xanadu.

I remember the big selling point for Chronicles when it was released was the inclusion of A Passage To Bangkok (Live), which had been left off the CD release of ESL (pre-remasters).

As I have said elsewhere, Rush's music is gagging for a sensibly-compiled triple CD compilation. CD one - 1974 to 1981, CD two - 1982 to 2003, CD three - rareities (Not Fade Away, You Can't Fight It, Take Off, Battlescar, unreleased live tracks). If, as Rush say, there isn't a huge amount of unreleased stuff in the archives, this would be a good way to get it out there.

However, the above idea would probably be scuppered by record company politics. I mean, who would release it - Phonogram or Atlantic?

(I've just had an idea for another thread......  ;D )


I chose The Spirit of Radio just because of the sound quality. Chronicles has the best track listing, but it isn't remastered.

Jon M

Rush Through Time. Every time.


Because it has a better track list than the others with very few exceptions.

Side 1: Fly By Night :)/Making Memories :)/Bastille Day ;)/Something For Nothing ;)/Cinderella Man :o/Anthem ;D
Side 2: Overture/Temples of Syrinx :-*/Twilight Zone :o/Best I Can :)/Closer to the Heart :)/In the End ;D ;D
Missing: Passage to Bangkok >:(, a bad omission

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I voted for Chronicles as well for the same reasons as above.
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Chronicles for me


Rush Through Time as it is the only one I possess.

Not a fan of compilations - especially when you own all of the albums - dugh!  Bought this one only because I was in my period of getting everything Rush did.  
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Personally i don't like compilation albums but when i have to chose one it would be Chronicles.
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Chronicles, as it was one of the earlier albums I got.

Also its the only Comp. I have from the list.